New logo

Pacers, a local DC/VA running store chain, recently updated their logo and website. I love the new rebranding! Pacers posted on Twitter recently that if you show up to a run club last week or this week wearing a Pacers old logo t-shirt, you could get a new Pacers logo shirt! Mike and I have […]

Mike took this photo of me running around mile 18

Week 17 down…now it’s taper time! It feels great to have a long 22 miler run in the books, and to feel confident and ready for the Richmond Marathon, less than 3 weeks away. Monday – P90X YogaX Tuesday – 6 miles fast (plan called for 5.5 miles at 8:19-8:06 pace) I decided to do […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.49.21 AM

Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series has released its DC race tech shirt, incorporating their new “DC,” rather than “USA” branding. I love the design this year! Also, use the code above for $10 off registration. Mike and I recently discovered Race Dots at a Marine Corps Marathon expo booth. These super strong magnets are meant […]

Cute little runners on the socks

Unlike all other Balega socks, these socks are specifically made for women. With a noticeably more narrow fit, I found these socks to fit my foot a bit more snugly than my other Balega socks (Blister Resist, Hidden Contour), specifically in the toe box area. I absolutely love all of my Balega socks so was […]

Run Times

I’m an extremely picky running shorts person. I’ve previously reviewed Nike Rival shorts and Athleta Pulse shorts, favorites of mine. My ultimate favorite shorts, Lululemon Pace shorts, have been discontinued, sadly. As far as other Lululemon shorts, I’ve found that the popular Lululemon Speed shorts style don’t have enough room around my legs for them […]


Just one month until the Richmond Marathon! I’m in much better shape (physically and mentally prepared) than I was last year at this time, so I’m feeling pretty excited for the marathon. It’s much better the second time around for me, in a way. Last year, it was really incredible to hit distance milestones on […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.32.54 AM

New this year, Rock ‘n Roll DC, is offering personalized bibs! Runners can customize their bib however they wish, such as having something inspirational, funny or just their names printed on it. I found having our names on our Richmond Marathon bibs made a huge difference since spectators actually cheered us on by name. Road […]

old on left, new on right

It’s always hard to know when to replace your running sneakers. The general rule is after 300-500 miles, which is quite a range! It’s also hard to keep track unless you use a run tracker (Nike+, Garmin, etc.) or log your miles by hand. There’s no hard and fast rule because the time to change […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.34.30 PM

This year, I’ve been adding some excitement into my marathon training by trying energy gels other than Accel brand. Last year, Mike, Matt and I all took Accel gels during our training runs because that was the gel handed out during the Richmond Marathon. We wanted to get used to the flavor and consistency and […]

Ready to run 18.5!

Another very long run in the books with only 1 more (a 22 miler!) very long run to go. Saturday, our long run day, was almost exactly the same weather as last year’s Richmond Marathon – cold, rainy, windy. Deja vu moments. It was good training to have to deal with less-than-ideal running conditions and […]


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