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Mike’s Guest Blog #3 – Building Mental Toughness

Running a marathon will not be easy.  The thought that this will be easy has never crossed my mind.  If it was easy, I probably wouldn’t be doing it.  I’m training to run the Richmond marathon so I can push my body and mind to a place that it hasn’t been before.  It will be […]

Starting my 15 Week (not 17) Week Marathon Training Plan

I didn’t really take the first 2 weeks off. A quick recap – I got a calf strain on a 9 mile run a week before our training plan was to begin, saw a doctor who said wait 2 weeks (R.I.C.E.) and then I’d be fine, ran after 2 weeks and it didn’t feel good, […]

Stretching & Snuffy

This morning was my (hopefully!) last PT/MT appointment with Joel. Joel started off by pushing on my calves when I was laying down. I was worried when he said they both feel tight and I quickly responded that it may just be because I haven’t stretched at all today. Was I not making progress?! I […]

Stretch X and Delicious Food

Today’s our second cross-training day (end of week 2) so Mike and I did the 58 minute Stretch X dvd from the P90X set. I did P90X about 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. It’s a hard regimen to stick with (as is marathon training) but hard to quit after you’ve put in a […]

Matt’s Injury Scare Number 1

Two weeks in and I have unsurprisingly logged my first semi-serious muscle strain. Although I’m pretty sure this is not a major setback, it did force me to skip a 3 mile training day. At least my problems are falling on the short run days… Briefly: I have a ton of tightness in my right […]

Stretch Rest Day – Week 2

Mike and I had the day off today both from work and running/elliptical. It was really great to sleep in even it was just until 7:15. It was such a beautiful day with unusually low humidity. We took advantage by reading and relaxing on our condo’s rooftop for the morning. I did some AIS stretches […]

Active Isolated Stretching – AIS

I had physical therapy today to stretch out my calves, hamstrings and hips. Beforehand, I was able to do the elliptical with no problem, followed by the calf stretches on a stair and calf raises on the Bosu ball. At PT, we started with some Active Isolated Stretching, which was a new term for me. […]

Mike’s Guest Blog #2 – Hydration Belt Review

Here’s a review of the Nathan Triangle water belt before I forget too much about my initial experience. In over 10 years of running, I never thought I would need a water belt. I never considered running a marathon until now, and why would anyone not training for a marathon run much more than 10 […]

Day 1 of Recovery Exercises

While Matt and Mike ran their 3 miles this morning, I went to the gym to try the elliptical. I had no problems and went for a full 30 minutes (just the length of time to read the latest US Weekly, which was luckily available at the gym). I actually had to get off to […]

First Sports Massage – Ouch.

Week 2 in our 17-week marathon training plan.  Mondays are rest days (which doesn’t really make a difference for me right now) so Matt and Mike had the day off.  I was wondering how I was going to feel this morning after my first run yesterday.  I woke up with very stiff calves but not […]