Training Day 1 (for Mike & Matt)

You’re probably wondering how I got out of week 1 training.

I took my first barre class about 1 ½ weeks ago on a Friday afternoon.  My legs were shaking quite a bit during it but I felt fine after.  It was a lot of standing on my toes, pointing toes, flexing toes, etc.  On Saturday morning, Mike and I ran early in the morning to Georgetown to join up with the Nike Run Club.  I was feeling great despite the heat.  At mile 4, I started to get a cramp in my calf.  I stopped and stretched (something I should have done more of prior to running), felt fine so continued on at a slower pace to the Nike Store.  We opted for the 4-mile run rather than the 6-mile because of the extreme heat.  I had already drunk my whole water bottle so refilled at the store for the second leg of our run.  Again, feeling great, running at a good pace.  At mile 8, I felt a sudden sharp pain on the back of my calf.  I stopped and stretched but it didn’t help this time.  I tried to run again but was limping a bit and realized the pain was just getting worse.  I walked, no limped, the last half mile back to the store.  Stretching seemed to just make the pain worse.  That afternoon, back at home, I was determined to heal quickly.  I diligently followed RICE.  But the pain was still there on Sunday.  RICE some more.  Monday.  RICE.  I was improving each day but not as quickly as I would have liked.  I tried to focus on the positive steps I was making – walking down stairs with no problem, standing on my tiptoes for 10 seconds, wearing heels.  I’m just not a very patient person.  Knowing that our first week of training was approaching, I decided to see a sports medicine doctor to professionally diagnose my calf problem.  Calf strain.  He said to take another week off of running and just rest.  If I push it too soon, I could do serious damage and have a reoccurring injury.

So no more barre for me until after the marathon.  In hindsight, I should have really stretched out my leg muscles with the foam roller before our run on Saturday.  But I’m glad this happened prior to the training rather than halfway through.  I’m worried about running again and hurting my calf, but think I’ll be ok with 2 weeks of rest.  I’ve learned I need to really listen to my body and not push through pain.  And STRETCH.  However, a positive from all of this is that I had to buy these cool calf compression sleeves for running:


Mike made it out the door at 6:15 am this morning for the 3 mile run (in 80 degree weather).  He’s shifting his work schedule so he can go in at 8 am rather than 7 am.  New morning routine!  He ran into Matt running on the National Mall.  First day down for them!

Mike before heading out on his run at 6:15 am.

Mike before heading out on his run at 6:15 am.


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