Hydration Belt Lessons

Today Mike and I got our hydration belts from amazon – very needed for running in the Washington, DC heat.  I already have a fairly large handheld Nathan water bottle that I love but it starts to hurt my arm and neck after about 8 miles.  After much debating, Mike decided to go with a Nathan triangle waist belt with one large bottle positioned on his back; I decided on a Nathan belt with four small bottles distributed around the waist band.  You figure out your size for the belt with the small bottles by measuring your waist.  But when the package arrived today, I saw this tag on my belt with information that would have been helpful to have known prior to ordering:


So my belt is too small!  Here’s where I measured and here’s where it actually goes:



So I’ll send it back for a larger size.  It will definitely help for the longer runs!  Mike’s belt fits well – he was a little concerned about the bouncing but there’s a elastic loop that fits over the top of the bottle to hold it in its koozie pouch.


On another note, today, puppies that will be trained to help veterans suffering from PTSD were brought into Discovery Communications for puppy petting day!  I love my summer internship!  photo-1


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