Shopping for Tanks

Despite the 110 degree heat, I headed out shopping for new running tank tops today.  I have so many race tech tees that I love but I wish the races would give out tank tops once in awhile!   CitySports was having a big sale – I found a heat gear Under Armour tank top there for $15!  Now that I have my neon pink calf compression sleeves and neon pink armwarmers, I’m trying to go a little more low key in my color choices for tops.  Decided on a mellow blue color.  I tried on Brooks Infiniti shorts that I’ve read great reviews on and loved them!!  However, the only color was pretty bright.  I’m all about black shorts.

On to the giant Nike store in Georgetown where I tried on their new shorts with the thick, soft waistband.  These shorts are very similar to a pair of Lululemon shorts I have that are no longer being made.  They’re great – perfect length, light material and soft waistband.

Love these shorts!

Love these shorts!

Lastly, I went to the giant Lululemon store in Georgetown.  Dangerous, I know.  I loved the new Run: Fast Track Tank.  It’s soft, long and so comfortable.  Plus, Lululemon always has the best color options!  Kind of pricey but, I think, worth it.  My other Lululemon tank top is my special occasion/race tank because I love it so much.


How did I survive this heat while walking around DC?  Thanks to my bobble bottle!  I am obsessed with this bottle.  It’s so cute and filters water so you can refill it anywhere!  It’s great for traveling as well.  I always get so many inquiries and compliments on it.  Go buy a bobble!

My bobble bottle!

My bobble bottle!

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