Mike’s Guest Blog #2 – Hydration Belt Review

Here’s a review of the Nathan Triangle water belt before I forget too much about my initial experience.

In over 10 years of running, I never thought I would need a water belt. I never considered running a marathon until now, and why would anyone not training for a marathon run much more than 10 miles on a normal basis. I believe I’ve successfully acclimated to the hot and sticky DC summers and typically don’t need water on runs less than 10 miles. Everyone’s body reacts differently to running and weather conditions though, and I discovered that my body only really needs water after about 10 miles.

It was a difficult decision to make on what type of hydration system to buy, so I asked around, read reviews and shopped on Amazon. After some thought, I decided on the Nathan Triangle.

Nathan Triangle

Nathan Triangle

It has an adjustable nylon belt, a small pouch for carrying gels, a phone, keys, wallet, and a 22 oz. water bottle. The bottle is designed to sit on your lower back. My experience thus far (which includes only one data point from the Week 1 long run) is that when the bottle is full and the belt isn’t cinched tight across your waist, the water bottle will drop lower on your back, while the front belt clip will then ride higher on your stomach. The trick is to pull the belt very tight to anchor the belt in place (on your waist, parallel to the ground). Once I figured that out, the bottle didn’t bounce, though I would say it was tight (some would say uncomfortably). I’m ok with that, but if you find yourself fighting stomach problems while running, I’d steer clear of this style. Having the water weight distributed solely on your back (instead of evenly around your body) also increases the pressure on your stomach.

The water bottle holder itself is a pretty good design. The holder is insulated and includes a bungee strap that loops around the nozzle to keep the bottle from bouncing. Assuming you’ve got the belt tightly around your waist, the bottle won’t bounce. It does require both hands to unhook the bungee strap and remove the bottle from the holder. But, we’re not trying to set world records during our long weekend runs, so I don’t mind slowing down a little to get a drink.

Bungee Strap

Bungee Strap

Overall, I’m pleased with the bottle. I will probably only use it for weekend long runs and the handful of 7 and 8 mile weekday runs. Kathleen and Matt both purchased hydration belts with multiple water bottles spread out around the belt and they will be blogging about their experiences in the future.


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