Stretch Rest Day – Week 2

Mike and I had the day off today both from work and running/elliptical. It was really great to sleep in even it was just until 7:15. It was such a beautiful day with unusually low humidity. We took advantage by reading and relaxing on our condo’s rooftop for the morning. I did some AIS stretches for my hamstrings and hips. My hips felt almost sore today, I think from all the stretching yesterday.

We went to a 1:30 pm Washington Nationals game and, although the Nationals lost, had a great time! A highlight is always the Presidents Race:

This evening, Mike was feeling some tightness in his right hip so I showed him the AIS stretches. Yesterday, the PT had me use a karate belt with a loop at the end to help deepen the stretches by looping my foot through and pulling on it (for just 2 seconds though!). Although we didn’t have a karate belt, a regular belt worked fine for me to wrap around my foot and pull both ends.

Other Marathon team updates – Matt was feeling some pain in his calf this morning. He purchased compression sleeves today and has been stretching his calves all day. Hopefully the guys are ready for tomorrow’s long run – 9 miles! I think I’ll do the elliptical again. I do like that I can read my kindle while ellipticalling but, of course, can not wait to get back to running! It’s hard seeing Matt and Mike head out on the runs when I so badly want to go. Hopefully soon 🙂

We made one of our favorite (and healthy! and easy!) dinners tonight – spicy shrimp with green beans and lime from Real Simple (love their recipes). Here’s a link to the recipe:



  1. David Kruczlnicki · · Reply

    Great blog today! Thanks for it! Too bad to see the Nats get walloped so badly but at least it looked like a beautiful day. From your picture, it looks like Reddy is about to stumble across the finish line……did he actually win?! Glad to hear about the progress with the stretching and elliptical. Good luck to Mike and Matt on tomorrow’s 9-miler!

  2. David Kruczlnicki · · Reply

    Oops….I meant Teddy….not Reddy.

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