Stretch X and Delicious Food

Today’s our second cross-training day (end of week 2) so Mike and I did the 58 minute Stretch X dvd from the P90X set. I did P90X about 2 years ago and absolutely loved it. It’s a hard regimen to stick with (as is marathon training) but hard to quit after you’ve put in a few weeks. I loved the variety as well. However, I NEVER did the Stretch X dvd. It wasn’t a requirement in the program, just a suggestion. And this is why I’m injured. I have never been a big stretcher. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten hurt before now! I guess I never really realized the importance of stretching. It’s good I learned early on in our marathon training. Anyway, the dvd flew by – all 58 minutes! The majority of the stretches focused on neck, back and hamstrings although there were other muscle groups targeted as well. Many of the moves from Yoga X were incorporated such as down dog, frog (hard!), cat stretch and spinal twist. We both felt great afterwards and think we’ll incorporate either Stretch X or Yoga X into our marathon training as our cross-training day. But in addition, will use some of the hamstring, quad and glute stretches for everyday running. The PT really stressed the importance of stretching out hips and hamstrings to prevent other injuries such as calf strains, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

Stretch X dvd - 58 well-spent minutes

Stretch X dvd – 58 well-spent minutes

Mike and I met Tony Horton of P90X in 2012

Mike and I met Tony Horton of P90X in 2012

Today also included some delicious meals! Mike and I got breakfast sandwiches to go from a local coffee shop across the street from our building. I could eat these every day. Maybe they will become a Sunday conditioning day treat!
Yumm...egg & cheese everything bagel sandwich

Yumm…egg & cheese everything bagel sandwich

After hours of cleaning our condo, we were starved and craving guacamole. Unfortunately our avocado had become too soft and nothing else could satisfy the craving. So we got some to go from the bar/cafe on the first floor of our building.
Guacamole - my favorite!

Guacamole – my favorite!

And lastly, we tried a new recipe for dinner. We’re trying to use our wok (a wedding gift) more and found a recipe with amazing reviews on Food Network: Emeril’s Chicken Stir-fry with Green Beans
We doubled the recipe and also doubled the sriracha. It was a little spicy for me but still delicious!
Emeril's Chicken and Green Bean (Spicy!) Stir-Fry

Emeril’s Chicken and Green Bean (Spicy!) Stir-Fry

Mike’s older brother Travis was doing the IronMan in Lake Placid today so we spent time tracking him online and watching live web cams of the transition zones (even saw him at one point!). The web cam at the finish was so interesting to watch. It’s hard to even wrap my mind around their not only having run a marathon but also having swam 2.4 miles and biked 112 miles! The endurance of these athletes is incredible. What an accomplishment! Congratulations Travis!
Cheers'ing Travis with Lake Placid Brewery UBU Ale

Cheers’ing Travis with Lake Placid Brewery UBU Ale


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