Monthly Archives: August 2013

Celebrating Small Victories – 4 Miles

26.2 seems daunting right now so I’m trying not to think about it. I’m just focusing on increasing my mileage slowly and safely while also building up leg strength. Yesterday (Thursday), Mike and I ran 4 miles together in the morning. It was SO much better running in the morning for me. No stomach issues, […]

Pilates & the Placebo Effect

While on the Metro heading to work yesterday, I was reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely for my Executive Decision Making class and read about the placebo effect. I had heard of this before but the timing was perfect for a refresher. Basically, it’s about the power of your thinking and the power of perception. […]

Changing Goals

I thought about my run all day, which wasn’t good. Typically I do my runs in the morning so I don’t have much or anything in my stomach and I like starting my days with a run; I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. Well yesterday, maybe because I was nervous to […]

Barely Able to Walk

Don’t worry – I didn’t get another calf strain or hurt myself. I followed my PT’s advice and did leg strengthening exercises Thursday evening and then yoga on Friday morning. I have not done a squat or a lunge in I don’t know how long. When I’m doing them, it usually doesn’t feel too bad. […]

The Injury Bug – Mike’s Guest Blog Update

As the last member of our running trio not to miss a training day, the pressure was on.  I knew that last week would be difficult to maintain the discipline to keep up on the training.  After getting in the long weekend run on the Friday before we left for Boston, I didn’t need to […]

A Test of My Mental Toughness: Calf Strain #2

I’m still training. I’m mentally training for the marathon. I didn’t write much last week mainly because I was feeling sorry for myself because of my calf strain. Now I’m focusing on keeping a positive attitude and getting through this, knowing it will make me a stronger runner. It all sounds very dramatic but it […]

Will Red Wine Help My Calf Strain Heal?

Yesterday, I was going through the pile of newspapers from when we were away the previous week. There was an interesting article titled “Marathon Mission – Learning to Run Longer Distances” in Tuesday’s (my birthday’s) Wall Street Journal (by Sanette Tanaka). I took this as a sign that I can definitely and will definitely run […]

The Calf Problem Continues

My 3 mile run last Tuesday did not go so well. My calf was feeling alright; I wasn’t limping and it’s hard to tell how it’ll feel when I run until I actually run. I iced throughout the day and then stretched before heading out on a late afternoon run (upstate NY weather was a […]

Amphipod Runlite Airstretch Hydration Belt Review

Kathleen and Mike have been gone for the last week, so I was running solo for the last two distance runs, which turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated. I’m starting to really look forward to the weekend distance runs. As amazing as it is to call the National Mall my primary […]

3 Mile Run Tomorrow… Am I Ready?

I am writing this as I ice my calves…both of them. I’m not sure how much they have improved over the last couple of rest days. I’m at my parents house and they have amazing ice packs they have collected over the years from various post-surgery and PT sessions. These ice packs cover my entire […]