Happy with an Uneventful Run and Last Day of PT

I woke up at 5:40 am this morning out of a dead sleep, still tired from staying up too late watching Shark Week’s Megalodon. But it was impossible to turn off! Today starts week 4 of marathon training and a pretty intense week since we have moved the runs this week to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with the long run on Friday. Mike and I are driving up to Boston on Saturday and leaving really early so shifted the runs to accommodate.

It was gorgeous out this morning – so nice to run with low humidity! It felt kind of chilly actually – in the mid-60s! I wore my armwarmers, which were not really necessary. I have a problem with over-dressing for running. I hate being cold! But no calf pain. No stomach pain. No planking needed. We had a pretty consistent pace throughout as well.

Our average pace each mile

Our average pace each mile

I had my favorite recovery drink when we got home – Chocolate Milk!
Chocolate Milk!

Chocolate Milk!

Today was (I decided) my last day of PT. I am supposed to go for the month of August but don’t think it’s necessary. I was curious to see what I would do today with Barbara. Barbara did the stretches and electro stimulation a couple weeks ago. Joel does more of the exercises and sports massages. Barbara had me perform the series of stretches with the karate belt that I did two weeks ago. She didn’t tell me what to do but, instead, asked me to remember them all. Luckily I had paid pretty good attention and remembered most of them. She could feel tightness, just a little, in the spot where the strain occurred so did the electro stimulation again. She said the purpose is to both take down inflammation as well as dull the pain receptors. I was a little disappointed. I had hoped we’d do some different stretches or exercises. I really don’t notice much difference after the electro stimulation. But I guess the good news is that I’m pretty healed!


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  1. David Kruczlnicki · · Reply

    Good news about the recovery and no-need for more PT ! Good luck with the rigorous schedule the rest of the week!

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