21 Miles in a Week is a LOT more than 12…

I may have pushed myself a little too much. I had zero leg issues this week though so I really thought I could handle 9 today (decided 11 was too much). Last week when I was easing back into running, I ran 3 on Tuesday, 3 on Thursday and 6 (slow) on Saturday. This week I ran 3 on Monday, 6 (pace) on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday and was shooting for 9 today. In addition, I had new sneakers today. I thought it would be better to wear sneakers that fit correctly even if not broken in,
rather than sneakers that are too big.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what happened. I woke up with some soreness in my left shin, which was odd since I didn’t run yesterday and didn’t feel anything during the day. I stretched and felt better, strapped on my new water bottle fuel belt and headed out with Mike.

Ready to run!

Ready to run!

It was like running through thick soup today. SO humid out! I filled two of my water bottles with nuun and two with water. I had some issues with the belt at first. I’m not sure if I filled up the bottles too much but I had a few squirt out and a few leakers. We had to stop a couple times to tighten the tops (which I think I may have put on crooked). We ran 4.5 miles out – along the Mall, the Potomac and up to Rock Creek Park, past Georgetown. When we stopped to turn around, I stretched out my calves. They didn’t hurt or really feel tight. It was more of a hot and tingly feeling. My legs, in general, felt tired and heavy but my calves in particular just kind of felt weird. I wanted to sit down. We ran a little bit, I stopped to stretch more and then decided I should take a break and walk. I didn’t want to push it and re-injure myself. I told Mike to run ahead and I would walk the 4 miles back. If I walked at a fast pace, I would get back home in time to shower and get to work in time (hopefully!). I thought after I walked a bit, had some water and my energy gel (first ever!), I might feel okay to run slowly.

I did run a little bit but was afraid of re-injuring. And I didn’t really need to run. I know I can run 9 miles, no problem. I tried to focus on my running 5.5 miles today and the accomplishments of the week. But it’s hard to ignore all the what ifs. It did feel pretty good to walk back and I kept up a good pace. Mike did some loops to get his miles in and also so he could swing by to check on me on the Monument and by the Capitol. I iced immediately when I got home, showered and put on the calf sleeve. Since getting home mid-afternoon, I’ve been icing on and off. I think a good deal of this is due to the new sneakers. Both of my calves feel pretty tired but my left feels particularly sore and kind of achy. I’m hoping that 4 days of zero running and then a light week next week, with the long run a week from Sunday, will give me plenty of time to recover and heal. It’s a lot running three days in a row and then with the heat, new sneakers and being tired, I can understand why I have sore calves right now. Hope it’s nothing and I’m better again soon! It was hard walking home on the Mall when the runners would pass me and I so badly wanted to run.

Today was my last day as a Discovery intern! I’ll start again in 2 weeks as a CW (contingent worker/temp employee). This summer really flew by; it was an incredible experience. I’m excited to be returning.

Mike picked me up and we went to Ruan Thai in Wheaton for lunch – a Washingtonian Magazine Cheap Eat AND Top 100 Restaurant! It was a no-frills kind of place with a great $8 lunch special.

Pad Thai!

Pad Thai!

We’ll be in Lake George next week for our runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Stay tuned for Matt’s blog tomorrow about his long run!


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