Sneaker Size Matters

I know I shouldn’t have done it but I did anyway. So, a little background – I had a defective pair of Saucony sneakers late last year. They got a hole in the toe and the stitching started coming out just after a few weeks. I love my Omni Progrids and had never had this happen before! I called Saucony’s customer service. They are amazing! They sent me a pair of Progrid 11 to replace my defective 10s. I had already purchased a new pair so put the brand-new, free 11’s on my shelf to save for when the others needed replacing. That happened a few weeks ago as I blogged about (should probably have happened earlier).

I was so excited to use my new, cushiony sneakers. They felt a little different but I figured that was because I was running differently because my calf hurt. Then I didn’t really wear them much for 3 weeks until just recently when I started running again. I started noticing the bottoms of my feet feeling strange, almost like they were sliding too much in my shoes. Yup. Wrong size. I guess I didn’t even check when I got them in the mail – just checked out the color and put them on my shelf. I’m not sure if I said the wrong size to the customer service rep or if they sent the wrong size. Anyway, I have been running in size 10 sneakers when I usually wear 9.5 in the Saucony Omni ProGrid. I know. Not good to do. Especially when I am recovering from an injury. I tied them really tight and it wasn’t that bad.

My brother Matt introduced me to I checked the prices of Saucony Omni Progrid 11 (since the 12’s are out now, the 11’s are much less expensive… plus I love the lime green color of the 11’s I have!) online from a variety of websites. had BY FAR the lowest price. I got 2 pairs (only 3 left) for less than the price of a new Omni Progrid 12 pair. What a deal! Even 2 day free shipping on everything! This will be my new running sneaker website. The catch is that I ordered on a Saturday morning so had to wait until Monday for the sneakers to ship, and yesterday for them to arrive. It was only a few short runs so not a huge deal. Not ideal but worth the wait for the bargain!

So I’ll let you know how the run goes tomorrow in my new 9.5 Saucony Omni Progrids!

In other news, Mike and I went to the hot new restaurant, Le Diplomate, tonight in DC. I think we made these reservations two months ago! It was fantastic. Great Parisian cafe theming – felt like Disney World – without a detail overlooked. I was a big fan of the complimentary (and unlimited) bread basket, unusual in restaurants now. I love bread baskets!

3 types of bread!

3 types of bread!

Our entrees came out pretty quickly. We had a carafe of red wine, as well (what long run tomorrow?). Mike had the beef bourguignon and I had the mussels. We both loved our entrees! I do wish I had more mussels and that they came in a pot – odd that they were just in a bowl! Delicious broth though! And excellent frites!




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  1. David Kruczlnicki · · Reply

    Great tips for discounts on running shoes! And your meals looks delicious!

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