3 Mile Run Tomorrow… Am I Ready?

I am writing this as I ice my calves…both of them. I’m not sure how much they have improved over the last couple of rest days. I’m at my parents house and they have amazing ice packs they have collected over the years from various post-surgery and PT sessions. These ice packs cover my entire calves and stay REALLY cold. I’m taking at least one back to DC – thanks Mom & Dad!

Prepping for AM run (maybe) with icing and an UBU beer

Prepping for AM run (maybe) with icing and an UBU beer

Mike and I drove 10 hours on Saturday to Boston to visit our friends Brian & Amy. It was great to rest my calves but not so great to not be able to ice or stretch very often. My calves felt pretty tight by the time we got to Boston. But I was able to walk about 30 minutes from our hotel (and 30 minutes back) to the Back Bay Social Club to meet them for dinner.

Boston Commons

Boston Commons

Boston Commons

Boston Commons

As much as I wanted to wear a cute sundress and sandals on Sunday, I thought it was probably a better idea to wear sneakers for calf healing. After brunch with our friends, we took a boat tour to the Boston Light lighthouse. Mike and I have matching Nike sneakers that we got recently. They are so lightweight! Love them but can not imagine running in them since my feet require a lot of support.

Boston LIght

Boston LIght

I probably should have worn my running shoes on Sunday to break them in some more. The Nikes just look so much cooler! Sorry Saucony. Today I wore my Sauconys to break them in a bit. Mike and I walked to Mike’s Pastry in the North End, ate cannolis in the new park that was once the area under the freeway and got on the road for a 3.5 hour drive to Lake George, NY. My calves don’t feel great today and perhaps that’s due to all our walking and my lack of icing. Will make up for the no icing now that I’m home with access to excellent ice packs.

So tomorrow we are supposed to do a 3 mile run. I’m not sure if that will happen for me. It may be worth it to take another day to really rest and ice instead of pushing it to do a 3 mile run. I really want to get better so I can get my mileage up again. I’m feeling frustrated because last week went so well until that Friday run when I wore my new sneakers. I guess I just went too far with new and not-broken-in sneakers. I hope I didn’t regress too much.


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