The Calf Problem Continues

My 3 mile run last Tuesday did not go so well. My calf was feeling alright; I wasn’t limping and it’s hard to tell how it’ll feel when I run until I actually run. I iced throughout the day and then stretched before heading out on a late afternoon run (upstate NY weather was a nice change from humid DC!). I told Mike to run ahead as I was planning on an easy run/walk so not to push my calf. I tried to jog and felt a shooting pain in my left calf. I couldn’t run at all. I felt terrible. Just last week I was running with no problems at all (minus Friday)! It felt so good to run again after working through the PT exercises for several weeks. Did I just completely regress? What happened? I think I just pushed it too much last week when I wasn’t completely healed. Although I felt fine, I should have still given my leg more time to heal. Tuesday was my 30th birthday so I had my favorite soft ice cream cake with cookie crumbles. That made me feel better about the calf problems.

Soft ice cream cake - my birthday tradition

Soft ice cream cake – my birthday tradition

Mike did the 6 mile run on Wednesday while I did some P90X. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude with multiple setbacks. I just wish I had had more warning signs on Friday so I didn’t hurt my calf again. I stopped as soon as I felt like something was off on Friday. I’m trying to focus on the positive. I have a lot of time until Richmond and know I am capable of doing it, even if my time isn’t the goal I had originally set. Some positives – I can do P90X with no pain! I did some legs, arms, back and abs.

I hope to get in to see my physical therapist this week. I emailed with him last week and he said to keep the compression sleeve on as much as possible and ice often. My calf really feels great but I’m going to take several weeks off from running to allow it to completely heal.

We drove back to DC yesterday and stopped at Troeg’s Brewery in Hershey, PA for dinner. They have the best GIANT pretzels. I would love to have this after a race!

Pretzel with barley on top!

Pretzel with barley on top!

This afternoon we caught up with Matt over brunch at Justin’s Cafe. DC Beer Week was still going on with a Long Trail tap takeover at Justin’s. We had the Maple Maibock (delicious for brunch!) and huge breakfast wraps. It’s 5 pm now and I am still too full to think about dinner. I’ve noticed a big drop in my appetite with my lack of running/exercising. This week I’m going to focus on calf exercises and P90X. Two years ago, I followed P90X religiously and didn’t run while doing it. I had a couple weeks between when I finished and a Turkey Trot. I PR’ed at that Turkey Trot, despite my lack of running, due to, I think, my high overall fitness level from P90X (plyometrics, core, legs, etc.).

Brunch at Justin's Cafe

Brunch at Justin’s Cafe

Image 2

My friend Samantha sent me this wonderful (and my first!) Alex and Ani bracelet. We most recently ran the Nike Women’s Half in DC together and are (hopefully) running the Rock ‘n Roll Half in Philly in September together. This was perfect timing for the motivational charm bracelet! I love it!

Birthday gift from Samantha

Birthday gift from Samantha


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