Will Red Wine Help My Calf Strain Heal?

Yesterday, I was going through the pile of newspapers from when we were away the previous week. There was an interesting article titled “Marathon Mission – Learning to Run Longer Distances” in Tuesday’s (my birthday’s) Wall Street Journal (by Sanette Tanaka). I took this as a sign that I can definitely and will definitely run the Richmond Marathon. The article was basically about how a record number of Americans are racing but still a small percentage are completing marathons. The bulk of runners are running 5Ks and 10Ks perhaps because it’s hard to figure out how to ramp up to 26.2 miles. Of the 15.5 million race finishers in 2012, only 3% finished a full marathon. But if those running 5Ks train right, they can reach the marathon distance. I realized I am coming into this at a higher fitness level, having run many races including half marathons. I think I can definitely ramp up to the 20 mile run by the end of October to prep for the Richmond Marathon. It’s all about baby steps and not getting intimidated by the 26.2 number. It takes time and energy to get there. I’ll keep celebrating small victories!

So where does the red wine come in? I couldn’t help but notice the article immediately below the marathon article.

WSJ, Health & Wellness, 8/13/13

WSJ, Health & Wellness, 8/13/13

Red wine...anti-inflammatory properties?

Red wine…anti-inflammatory properties?

Could red wine assist in my calf healing? I found some interesting articles from some google searching. Red wine contains reservatol, an antioxidant that may help reduce inflammation throughout the body. According to a Livestrong article, reservatol is also found in red fruits and peanuts. Antioxidants are known to help with muscle soreness post-exercise, however, I couldn’t find any studies specifically on the benefits of red wine’s reservatol. It falls into the antioxidant category so a glass of red wine sounds like it could help!

A French study described in Men’s Health shows that a glass of red wine can slow muscle deterioration. It can help maintain muscle mass while you take a break from exercising. Perfect for my rest/recovery weeks! 🙂 This study was done on mice so the benefits aren’t certain for humans, however, red wine has been shown to aid in weight loss, increase energy and boost cell function. It is important to note that not all red wines are created equal. Pinot Noir has the highest concentration of reservatol. The grapes used for Pinot Noir have very thin skin, respond quickly to attack by fungi and, therefore, have a high level of antioxidants for protection. Also, grapes from humid areas have more antioxidants because they are attacked more often. So next time you are thinking about your wine purchase, think Pinot Noirs from humid areas including France and Oregon.

Kirkland - Pinot Noir Carneras from California (not as healthy as it could be but still a delicious wine!)

Kirkland – Pinot Noir Carneras from California (not as healthy as it could be but still a delicious wine!)


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  1. David Kruczlnicki · · Reply

    Great post today. I’m a pinot noir fan to begin with, so this is all great news. I just need to be sure to look for Oregon and/or France sources. 🙂

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