The Injury Bug – Mike’s Guest Blog Update

As the last member of our running trio not to miss a training day, the pressure was on.  I knew that last week would be difficult to maintain the discipline to keep up on the training.  After getting in the long weekend run on the Friday before we left for Boston, I didn’t need to run again until the following Tuesday.  I completed the 3 and 6 mile runs on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Unfortunately, right after a dive into Lake George to cool off (which was scored a near perfect 9.9 by the judges), I felt my neck immediately tense up.  Whether it was the cool water, or just general tightness that locked up my neck when I dove in, I emerged from the water with a neck that felt 10x times more sore than when you wake up with a “crick” in your neck.

I resorted to ice, rest, and Aleve for the next 2 days.  I skipped the Thursday and Saturday runs last week, and have so far also not run on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.  I was dreading the 8 hour drive back to DC on Saturday, but my neck felt much better Saturday morning and there was no traffic on the route we took through Pennsylvania. The rest has felt good, but like Kathleen, I’m itching to get back out there. I’m still undecided on whether to run tomorrow, but I’m leaning towards another day or two of rest.  It can’t hurt, and shouldn’t set me back this early in the training.  The long run this weekend drops back to 9 miles, before ramping up to 14 miles next weekend (not to mention adding an additional mile during each weekday run), so the distance shouldn’t be a problem.

Ice, Candy Crush, and an Ubu

Ice, Candy Crush, and an Ubu

In other news, fantasy football is back!  Enjoy your drafts!  I’ve got 3 of them!


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