Barely Able to Walk

Don’t worry – I didn’t get another calf strain or hurt myself. I followed my PT’s advice and did leg strengthening exercises Thursday evening and then yoga on Friday morning. I have not done a squat or a lunge in I don’t know how long. When I’m doing them, it usually doesn’t feel too bad. But then the next day. And the day after. Ouch!

My PT suggested not to do P90X legs because it’s too fast for recovery exercises. So I just did a few of the exercises listed in the P90X book (comes with DVD set) for legs. I did:
Balance Lunges (25 reps each leg)
Calf-Raise Squat (25)
Wall Squat (90 seconds)
Step Back Lunge (15 reps each side)
Single-Leg Wall Squat (60 seconds)
Deadlift Squat (20 reps each side) – HARD

I didn’t even do all of the leg exercises in the Legs & Back workout; I left out 5! I must have been in really great shape back when I did P90X on a regular basis, when I could do this full exercise set along with the back exercises with minimal soreness the next day. But it does feel good to be sore. I didn’t mean to be this sore but it feels good to have gotten a really good workout in.

Yesterday morning I did P90X YogaX, which felt great! I had no calf issues at all. I couldn’t feel any difference between my legs and could do every stretch/pose with no problem. I did fast-forward through the impossible-for-me ones such as Crane and Standing Splits.

I went to my PT appointment sans calf sleeves, hoping for positive feedback from Joel. He did a brief sports massage on both calves. He said both felt pretty good. He had me do a series of exercises to see if my right and left legs perform at the same level. Lunges with the front foot on a bosu ball. Ouch. Painful. Quad extensions. More pain. I was sure to let him know that my overall weakness was due to extreme soreness rather than muscle weakness. I did some calf raises on the balance ball and, of course, lots of stretches with the Calf Rocker. A new exercise we did involved Joel dumping marbles on the floor and I had to pick them up with my left toes (just 30) and put in a glass bowl, all while standing on my right leg. We also did some jumping while holding onto a table. The last exercise was kind of tricky and took me awhile to get the hang of. Joel set up 2 bosu balls. I had to stand on one leg, jump on the ground while still on one leg, then jump on the other balance ball, landing on both feet. Complicated, right? No problems!! Joel said I’ll be fine to start running again on Monday, offering some slight modifications to the marathon training plan. I’m going to, at least start off, running Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday so that I won’t have 3 days in a row of running. I need to play around with the long run schedule to be sure to get me up to 20 by the end of October. Right now, I’m thinking 8 miles next Saturday, 10 the following Saturday and then the Half Marathon the following Sunday. More on my own 12 week marathon training plan later.

Also, sprouts have transformed my lunch sandwiches. Sprouts add the right amount of crunch. Here’s my delicious sandwich with Boar’s Head maple honey turkey, baby swiss, tomato, onion, sprouts, mayo. I also usually have mustard rather than mayo on my sandwiches but mayo has been a good change. These changes have really gotten me out of my sandwich rut.

Doesn't it look so good??

Doesn’t it look so good??


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