Changing Goals

I thought about my run all day, which wasn’t good. Typically I do my runs in the morning so I don’t have much or anything in my stomach and I like starting my days with a run; I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. Well yesterday, maybe because I was nervous to run, I put off the run until after work. That was probably a bad idea because I thought about it and got anxious about it during the day. I have to stop googling “marathon training in 13 weeks,” “returning to training after an injury,” “Richmond marathon training.” I am comparing myself too much to others and letting that affect my outlook and goals.

It was a pretty nice night out in DC although a little humid. Mike had taught me a Garmin trick to just hold your wrist out with the watch facing up to speed up the signal. Worked! Matt had a 4 miler to run but ran 3 with me, tacking on a mile at the end. I almost turned around in the hallway in our condo building and then out on the sidewalk. It’s so hard mentally to get back into it and really hard with the pressure of the half marathon and the full marathon. It’s more mental for me than anything right now.

I’ve lost quite a bit of fitness, I think. I was done at 3 miles. However, my legs were still kind of sore from yoga and P90X and my stomach hurt pretty badly. My PT suggested listening to music to take my mind off my calves. I really focused on conversation with Matt and listening to my shuffle, trying hard not to focus on my calves. I also didn’t wear my calf sleeves. I think they were making me think more of the injury. Plus, the sleeves are more for recovery than running. I did put them on after stretching once I got home. Also iced twice for 10 minutes each time.

Icing post-run

Icing post-run

I have no idea if I’ll be able to do the half marathon in a few weeks or if I’ll be able to do the marathon. It’s hard to be constantly changing your goals. Right now, I just want to focus on getting better and getting to the point where I enjoy running again, where it’s not stressful. I miss running for relaxation! I don’t want to keep setting goals and then dealing with disappointment so I’m going to just focus on a day at a time and not push my body. I am actually glad classes start today. I think my grad school classes will be a good distraction so I won’t think about running so frequently.

I slept with my calf sleeves on (maybe over-precautious…) and did P90X Ab Ripper X this morning as well as some calf stretching. My calves feel pretty good. Maybe a little tired and slightly tight, but overall pretty good! Trying hard to focus on the positives: I was able to run 3 miles at a good pace with no calf pain during or after. Next run is tomorrow morning. I had planned to do 5 miles but think I’ll just do 4. There’s no point in pushing myself this early on.



  1. Good luck with getting back on track! Listen to your body and run for you! 🙂

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