My Longest Run Since July 6th!

I did it! So this past Saturday was my first long run since August 9th when I only made it 5.5 miles before my calf started hurting and I had to walk home. I’m not going lie – I was pretty nervous to run but knew I’d have to run a long run at some point. We got out slightly later than planned because I insisted on a solid 20 minutes of stretching (perhaps not necessary). Matt and Mike were doing their longest runs EVER – 14 miles! I was excited for them but pretty glad I only had 6 (extremely hot and humid morning!). Even with training, I’m not sure I could have run that far in the sticky weather. So proud of them for completing the 14 miles!

But on to my exciting run. The first 2 miles were the hardest by far. I was trying to really zone into my music and not think about my legs. I just wanted to get in the flow. At the Lincoln Memorial (mile 3 – my turnaround), Matt and Mike continued on to Georgetown for 4 more miles. Although I love running with Mike and Matt, I enjoyed running by myself on Saturday for a little while. It felt like I was just running for me and not trying to keep up with anyone or feeling like I was holding anyone back. Plus, although I am grateful that Mike and Matt worry about me, every time they ask how I’m feeling when I’m running, my mind goes to my calf. I’ll get over it soon, but on Saturday it felt good just to run by myself and get in the zone. I felt great! I finally reached the point when running felt relaxing. That’s the feeling I had really been missing.

I was feeling so great that when I got to our condo building at mile 6, I kept going – running by Nationals Ballpark, across the boardwalk bridge, through the Yards Park, up through Canal Park and home, adding on an additional 1.5 miles for a grand total of… 7.5 miles! I really felt like I could have kept going at that point but since I was a) out of water and b) hesitant to push myself any further on my first long run, I finished up my run.

Splits: 9:25, 9:19, 9:24, 9:27, 9:15, 9:23, 9:30, 5:01
pretty consistent since my marathon goal pace was 8:35 (probably altering it due to the injuries) and I want to run these runs 30-90 seconds slower

One thing that really shocked me is that I had no stomach problems! Especially since I had a Shake Shack burger and fries, chips and salsa and 2 Miller Lites for dinner the night before. Hmm… pre-marathon dinner?

Shake Shack at Nationals Ballpark

Shake Shack at Nationals Ballpark

I stretched a lot for recovery, put on my compression sleeves and iced for a bit. I also tried these new chocolate milk straws I got from Target a few weeks ago since we didn’t have any chocolate milk. I wouldn’t buy them again. The chocolate balls quickly disappear. One straw barely lasts for a half glass of milk and who wants to drink just plain milk after a run? Gross.

Image 2

Anyway, I’m so happy that I felt great for the run. My confidence is up a lot. I’m just so happy I was able to run and really enjoy it again. I can’t wait for next Saturday’s run! I’m going to set a goal of 9 miles. Also today (Monday) is the first day I’m able to push on my second calf strain and feel absolutely nothing, no tenderness or soreness. I’m feeling healed but still want to be cautious. Will probably only do 2 short runs during the week and yoga 2 times.



  1. Great blog! Congratulations! We enjoyed reading it together at Bistro.
    – Dave.

  2. […] bed early on Friday, waking up on Saturday and going for a long run and constantly hitting distance milestones. It was such a great feeling and so much fun to do with Matt and Mike. I thought the marathon would […]

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