I successfully tired out my legs this week but don’t think I overdid it. My legs are getting stronger! On Monday, Mike and I did P90X YogaX for 90 minutes. Tuesday was a 4 mile run for me (up from 3 miles last week – progress!). Wednesday I did yogalates for an hour at Discovery. And Thursday, I did a 4 mile run. Tuesday’s run wasn’t great because I had some stomach pains and had to lay down for a long time when I got home. But my calves felt fine! I think my stomach will just sort itself out after a few weeks of running regularly again. On Wednesday at yogalates, we focused a lot of quads. My legs were really shaking during the triangle pose and warrior two. If I was doing a dvd yoga class, I probably would have stopped it after 30 minutes. It was a struggle. The corpse pose at the end was wonderful. I’d like to mention my favorite yoga pants and how I’ll probably wear them every single week to class: Lululemon Groove Capri (no longer available). I love the thick waistband and the super-soft fabric. I splurged last year and got the long Groove pants but it was very worth it. These are probably my favorite pants – perfect for traveling and lounging! I just saw Lululemon has new raspberry colored groove pants with ruffles!

On Thursday, my legs weren’t sore, just tired. My back was very sore from all the twisting postures and superman floor pose. It’s hard running with heavy legs and a sore back. I felt sluggish despite pretty good mile times: 8:47,9:04,8:51,8:48. It was supposed to be an “at pace” run so I wanted to move a little faster.

I haven’t given a lot of thought to my new goal pace, mainly because I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to run the race and have no idea how the next month will go. A few weeks ago when I got my second calf strain, I was ready to defer to next year. I should just be happy to cross the finish line in one piece, no matter what my time is. But I have these pace runs to do and the regular runs that are supposed to be 30-90 seconds slower than my goal pace. I need a goal pace. Previously it was 8:35 (crazy…). I’d still like to finish close to 4 hours, if possible, so I think, at this point in time, I’ll aim for 9:10ish, emphasis on the ish. My goal is to start off the marathon slow and assess where I am at mile 16 (such a big number).

Also exciting news…I wore a lot of flats and sneakers this summer due to Calf Strain 1 and Calf Strain 2. I wore my wedges today! Oh how I’ve missed them.


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