Re-cap: The Day Before Philadelphia Rock ‘n Roll Half

Before driving up to Philadelphia, Mike and I had a delicious breakfast of bagel sandwiches in Canal Park by our house.

Egg & Cheese on an Everything Bagel

Egg & Cheese on an Everything Bagel

We had lunch in Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, directly across from the Convention Center where the Expo was. It was hard to resist the Philly Cheesesteaks, ice cream and other delicious food and opt for a not-so-exciting sandwich at Hatville deli (we had to think about how our stomachs would feel on Sunday). The sandwiches were actually excellent and extremely fresh with the meat shaved right in front of us.




At around 2 pm, we met up with Samantha at the Expo. I was impressed at how well organized the packet pick-up was. We walked right up to pick up our packets and then our t-shirts. I’ve noticed the Rock ‘n Roll tees (Brooks brand) run pretty small so was happy with my medium women’s shirt. Also new was the crewneck – most of my women race shirts have a v-neck.

DSCN0433 - Version 2

We then were ushered into the GIANT Brooks-themed area with RnR themed clothing and gear as well as general Brooks gear. Brooks also had a tropical island themed area with games such as a mechanical sneaker you could ride (like a mechanical bull). Samantha and I inputed our info and email addresses into one of the many iPads to get our “passport” printed with a QR code. We brought it to the prize booth, they scanned our codes and gave us our prizes. I got a Brooks Island shirt and Sam got a reusable bag. Other prizes included Brooks island visors, key covers, and foam fingers. If you completed all the games and got passports stamps, then you could get more prizes. We only had so much time, so had to continue on to explore the expo.


First stop – CEP Compression. I got measured and picked out the pink recovery sleeves (not as interesting colors/designs as ZENSAH). After I paid for them, the guy at the booth told me that the CEP sleeves are strictly for activity and the socks are for recovery. I spent some time googling and it turns out that every compression brand differs slightly. CEP is designed so that the sock style should be worn for recovery. I went back and exchanged my sleeves for the socks. The girl at the booth suggested wearing them for a couple hours after running and then to sleep that night.

Other expo highlights:
– great flow, spread out very well
– free food samples all in the same area made it easy to pick up
– Jelly Belly energy beans sample – ate them later on that day – delicious
– Event “guide” booklet with map, band info, etc. all in one spot

Love the photo opps at the expo! Great job Rock 'n Roll

Love the photo opps at the expo! Great job Rock ‘n Roll

Back at Samantha’s, we ate some of our free samples and then had a delicious pasta casserole for dinner.

Eating Jelly Belly Energy Beans

Eating Jelly Belly Energy Beans

I was really nervous about Sunday’s race so didn’t sleep great. My stomach was gurgling with nerves all night. Stay tuned for the race recap!


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