Monthly Archives: October 2013

Random Running Thoughts

Pacers Running Store in Silver Spring (where I work) was having a 50% off everything sale yesterday because they are closing in 2 days. I chatted with the store manager and it sounds like they may open up a store on Capitol Hill, near us, which would be amazing! Although the selection was pretty picked […]

Foot Issues

The tendons on the top of my left foot became inflamed 2 weeks ago during a run that incorporated more hills than usual. I went to PT last week and was able to do the 20 mile run on Saturday but felt pain around miles 17-20. The top of my foot hurt pretty badly afterwards […]

Marine Corps Marathon Spectating

This morning, Mike’s brother Kevin ran the Marine Corps Marathon so Mike, Matt, Mike’s parents and I watched at several different spots along the course, hoping to catch him. It was interesting to learn about Kevin’s pre-race routine. The day before Kevin drank quite a bit of Gatorade, not just water, the day before. He […]

20 Miles Done – Longest Run until the Marathon!

Now it’s taper time! I was a little worried about the long run today since I took the week off from running to allow the tendons on my left foot to heal a bit. In addition, my stomach was incredibly gurgley last night and this morning. But I made it through the 20 miles with […]

Marine Corps Marathon Expo

Matt, Mike and I went to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo at the DC Armory tonight to check it out. The Expo was the largest that I have ever been to. We’ve gone to expos in the Armory before but this one took up the entire thing with the bib pickup across the street in […]

Don’t Tie Your Sneakers Too Tight

I emailed my PT yesterday because my foot did not feel much better at all. I didn’t want to overreact but, at the same time, I didn’t know what was wrong exactly and if I should do the 20 mile run on Saturday if my foot feels a little better. I just didn’t want to […]

Extensor Tendonitis?

I’m falling apart. Not really. I think I’ll be okay but I’m just frustrated. The long runs are just really taking a toll on my body. So back up to Saturday when we had a 12 mile run. About 3 miles in, my left sneaker felt a little loose so I stopped to tie it […]

Matt’s Guest Blog: Change is Good…Sometimes

In order to keep up with the marathon training program, it seems maintaining a regular routine is just as important as training yourself to actually run 20+ miles. Up until the last couple of weeks, I’d say that I was doing pretty well at keeping up with my weekday runs. Between the injury and the […]

30 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

It’s unbelievable to think the Richmond Marathon is only 30 days away! It’s going to be such an exciting feeling to line up in the corral the morning of and to actually be in the moment after months of preparation. Just today Richmond released the t-shirt design for participants in the Marathon, Half Marathon and […]

SI Joint Inflammation

Maybe I overreacted but I made an appointment with my physical therapist to look at my hip. I hate not knowing what’s wrong and my hip was still feeling a little off, though significantly better than Friday. I hoped he’d be able to tell me if it was an alignment issue, IT band, piriformis, etc. […]