Running Fast is Very Fun!

I haven’t run fast in awhile. I’ve missed it!

I’m not sure what helped me pick up my pace so much when it wasn’t really my goal to go out for a fast run. Maybe it was the fact that I haven’t run since Friday because I had classes all weekend (=not fun). I was looking forward to getting my legs moving again. Maybe it was a new power breakfast: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pecan oatmeal. I LOVE when Trader Joe’s starts converting to all things pumpkin. Just can’t get enough!



I usually have Life cereal for breakfast (until I get sick of it), but today I tried the oatmeal to keep the possibility of a morning run open. I don’t think the milk would have been good on my stomach before running.

Or maybe I was running fast to take out Business Law frustrations. I took my 90 minute online quiz this morning prior to the run.

Not amazing.

Not amazing.

Maybe it was a combination of all three plus perfect fall weather, but I ran pretty fast and it felt fine. I didn’t feel like I was really pushing myself. It was relaxing in a different way than running 18 miles at a 9 min/mile pace is. Since I have a lot on my plate now with finals coming up and work as well, I crave running for relaxation. Some interesting National Mall observations:
-there was a big concert going on for Immigration Reform. Tuesday morning… random.
-the barricades are bigger now with police tape to try to prevent people from going through them. It’s pretty easy to go around them, though, with a detour on the grass.
-still lots of garbage overflowing the cans.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 5.37.16 PM

A police officer pulled over by me by Capitol Hill and got out of his car, looking like he wanted to talk to me. I was pretty confused – is it bad to cross when the red hand says stop even though no cars are coming?? He just wanted to ask me about my calf sleeves! He said he and his wife both get shin splints so he was curious if they help. Random. It’s pretty hard to miss my hot pink calf sleeves. Maybe I should invest in another pair. Even though this was a shorter run, I decided to wear them both because it was kind of chilly this morning and because I hadn’t run or stretched in awhile. Just wanted to keep the calves loose and warm!

Overall amazing run and I’m looking forward to the 19-mile run this Saturday. Even though I have so much schoolwork to do and will be very busy at real work the next few days, I feel like I NEED this long run. It’s de-stressing and also helps me really time manage and prioritize.


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