My Body Missed Yoga. Hip Issues

This morning I ran on the treadmill because it was pouring outside. 6 am came too soon and I proceeded to lay in bed for 10 minutes and debate going for a run. I felt tired. Maybe my body was trying to tell me something. Maybe I need more sleep. My head felt congested. Am I getting sick? Is it just allergies? Maybe I should rest. I fought it and pulled myself out of bed and headed down to the gym in our building. It’s hard getting used to running in the mornings again especially when it’s cold and dark outside!

When I ran on Tuesday, my right hip felt a little off towards the end of the run. It just felt like I needed to crack it, which is actually kind of common for me. My hips crack usually when I stand after sitting for awhile and also when I get out of bed in the morning. My PT said it’s fine as long as they don’t hurt. So I didn’t pay much attention to it. It didn’t really hurt, just felt tight.

Today I felt fine until about 20 minutes in when I got the same feeling in my hip. But it wouldn’t crack! I tried every stretch and yoga pose I knew to try to release the tension I was feeling. I finished up 4 miles rather than the 5 I was shooting for. I didn’t want to push through the uncomfortable feeling. Back upstairs, I focused my stretching on my IT band, hamstrings and opening up my hips. It felt better but still weird.

At work, both my hips feel kind of sore just sitting. It also still felt like there’s tension that needs to be released. I did some googling, which is the worst thing I can do when I feel like something is wrong. I automatically assume the worst in my self-diagnosis. I emailed my brother who had a hip flexor issue last year and ruled that out. The pain is very isolated in the back and side of my hip. I’m not really sure what’s wrong but wish I squeezed in YogaX this weekend. I really credit yoga with helping me recover from my injuries so quickly and helping to stay injury free going forward. I also sat in class literally ALL day on Saturday and Sunday and sat studying all day on Monday. My hips tighten pretty easily so I think it’s due to my tight hips. It could be an IT band issue. I’m going to focus on doing some of these stretches over the next few days:

IT band

So I’m thinking I’ll skip the 19-mile run on Saturday. I really wanted to do it. Then I saw this weather forecast:
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 5.27.25 PM

Sounds terrible! But I really was looking forward to the run. I just think it makes more sense to rest rather than push myself when we’re getting close to the marathon. I am also concerned about developing a cold or sinus infection since that usually happens to me around this time. I plan to do Yoga X on Saturday and stretch, take Advil and ice until then. I’m not too worried about missing the mileage because the 18 miler really felt fine. I’m craving that post long run feeling again but guess that will have to wait for the 20 miler in 2 weeks!



  1. Travis Moore · · Reply

    Kathleen – A little over a year ago I thought I had an IT band problem as well. After doing a little research I was fairly certain it was piriformis syndrome. Check out the video on this link: . Hopefully this will help or at least rule out what it isn’t.

    1. Thanks Travis! That’s such a helpful video. My pain feels a little more on the side of my hip, not really too much in the back. Just a little. I found this link and thought it sounded kind of like what I had: Would be interested to hear what you did for piriformis syndrome. I’ll keep paying attention to it, of course, and rest for awhile. Foam roller feels amazing!

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