IT Band Issues in the Hip

After some online research, I think I might have some IT band issues. I can feel the tightness in both hips but mainly the right one. After watching a runner’s world video that was recommended to see if I might have piriformis syndrome, I realized that the location of my pain doesn’t really align with piriformis. My pain, if you even want to call it that, is much more on the side but more toward the back than the front.


It feels like a slight pull and dull ache, not a sharp pain. I found an article about trigger point massage, recommending foam rolling for the IT band. I need to make this a part of my every day stretching routine. In the meantime, I’m going to rest it for 4-5 days and stretch a lot. I’m actually okay with missing the rainy long run this weekend but, at the same time, it’s crazy to think we only have one more really long run of 20 miles before the marathon!

Image 2

I got the nuun 4-pack from amazon ($18 – better than in-store) yesterday! I’m excited to try out the new flavors. What cute packaging too!

Image 4

Image 5



  1. I posted a YouTube video I found, its a 20 minute Yoga sequence for runners. It has a good stretch for the IT band in it. The post is at,

  2. This is great – Thanks John!

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