SI Joint Inflammation

Maybe I overreacted but I made an appointment with my physical therapist to look at my hip. I hate not knowing what’s wrong and my hip was still feeling a little off, though significantly better than Friday. I hoped he’d be able to tell me if it was an alignment issue, IT band, piriformis, etc. and give me some stretches and advice. I was able to get in at 7 pm although not with Joel who helped me through the calf strains. Paul first wanted to see if it was an alignment issue. He literally just looked to see if one leg looked slightly longer, while I was laying on my back. He then did all sorts of hip manipulations. None of the stretches were painful at all. I was expecting to hear a loud crack but nothing. He pulled my leg up for a hamstring stretch then compared that to the left side. He felt both hip joints and could feel that it wasn’t moving as well on the right side. Then I stood up, he watched from behind as I picked up one foot at a time. He said both sides were moving the same, a good thing.

Paul said I need to build up strength with pelvic stabilization exercises (squats, etc.) and core strength. I really wanted to incorporate a day of strength training into my marathon training but have to admit it’s been at least a month since I’ve done the Tony Horton legs routine. Apparently this is pretty common with women who typically tilt their hips back, especially when tired, and don’t tuck their hips and tighten their core very often. This is a good article on Runners Connect about the hip drop in running due to lack of stabilization strength.

Paul thinks my piriformis might be irritated from an inflamed Sacroiliac Joint. He said it’s not bad and a good sign that it felt better after the long run. Paul said to get some yoga and strength training in and take a break from running for a few more days and take anti-inflammatories. He also said that massage is very important especially as the race gets closer. So I might go back in a few weeks, after the big run, for a sports massage. My hip felt much better, although sore, from all the stretching, manipulations and massage so I took an advil and used the corn bag when I got home. The corn bag is an incredible heating “bag” that my mom got me at a craft fair years ago. I found some here on etsy. You just put it in the microwave for a minute and the bag stays warm for so long! Plus it’s easy to manipulate to wrap around any sore area of your body.
Image 2

I’m glad it’s nothing serious. Still pretty annoying. Paul did say it’s pretty rare not to have any issues while marathon training at such intense levels. The reason the right hip feels as if it needs to crack, is that the SI is inflamed so it’s grabbing, in a way, and preventing the hip from moving as smoothly and friction free. So Tony Horton legs after work today!



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