30 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

It’s unbelievable to think the Richmond Marathon is only 30 days away! It’s going to be such an exciting feeling to line up in the corral the morning of and to actually be in the moment after months of preparation. Just today Richmond released the t-shirt design for participants in the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K.

Orange for Marathoners

Orange for Marathoners

I think I might get this shirt at the expo – love it! It’s also available online.


Here are the medals for the marathon and half marathon:


Instead of the foil blankets at the finish line, Richmond is giving out these awesome fleece blankets! What a great idea!

from Richmond Marathon facebook page

from Richmond Marathon facebook page

You can also see the long-sleeve finishers’ t-shirt in the background of that photo. I might sound crazy but I am really excited to run 26.2 miles in 30 days! I’m also looking forward to a massage and pedicure afterwards 🙂

Of course we are all thinking about what next after the marathon. We’re thinking about doing the Quantico Turkey Trot the Saturday after the marathon and/or the Del Ray Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. The first has an awesome t-shirt but the second allows for more recovery time…



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  2. Love the post! I am running it as well and can’t believe it is less than 2 weeks away. It will be my first marathon so I am getting slightly nervous but I know I have to trust in my training. Good luck- see you at the starting line!

    1. I agree – it’s so much build-up to one day! It’ll be such a mix of emotions being at the starting line – probably a little surreal! Hope your training went well and you’re enjoying the tapering now 🙂 See you at the starting line!

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