Marine Corps Marathon Expo

Matt, Mike and I went to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo at the DC Armory tonight to check it out. The Expo was the largest that I have ever been to. We’ve gone to expos in the Armory before but this one took up the entire thing with the bib pickup across the street in a giant tent. The aisles were extremely wide, as well! It was nice going on a Thursday night because it didn’t feel as crowded as expos usually feel on the day before a race. Some highlights were:

The Balega Booth

Matt and I both love our balega socks. They are so tight and comfortable, and stay dry! I got a pair of the blister resistant socks with some padding and a drynamix mohair footbed to help protect against blisters. I’m not a fan of really thin socks. I also decided to try out the hidden contour socks that have elastane throughout for a more structured fit. I’m not going to try them out on Saturday for the 20-miler but will try them for shorter ones and consider them for the marathon. I was planning on wearing my old pair of balega socks.

New Balega socks

New Balega socks

Honey Stinger Booth
I tried the honey stinger waffle after a fun run at City Sports Georgetown a few months ago and loved it but wasn’t sure how it would taste WHILE running. Since I’ve been having trouble having more than one gel for fuel and really craving more “real” food, I thought I’d give them a try. A guy in front of me in line said he breaks them up and puts in a zip lock baggie to take on a run. I sampled the chocolate and vanilla, and both were delicious! I’m planning on trying on out on Saturday’s run. I didn’t realize that Honey Stinger made chews. The naturally caffeinated limeade were great! I actually liked the size and consistency better than the Clif Shot Bloks. Good finds!

Image 5

Richmond Marathon
LOVE the race shirts! The women’s has a deep v-neck and the men’s has a crew neck. We also saw the fleece blanket that we’ll receive when we cross the finish line. Being at the expo tonight really got me excited for our marathon… in 3 weeks!

In 3 weeks, I'll have this on!

In 3 weeks, I’ll have this on!

It’s terrible to wait in your corral for the race to start when it’s freezing cold out. It’s going to be about 40 degrees on Sunday morning. We saw this awesome tear-away outfit at the Expo. I hope I see someone wearing this at the Richmond Marathon!

Image 8

We stayed until the 8 pm close. It was so exciting to be around all the runners, knowing the emotions they must be feeling. I can’t believe it will be us in just 3 weeks! One more long training run and then taper!


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