20 Miles Done – Longest Run until the Marathon!

Now it’s taper time!

I was a little worried about the long run today since I took the week off from running to allow the tendons on my left foot to heal a bit. In addition, my stomach was incredibly gurgley last night and this morning. But I made it through the 20 miles with zero stomach issues during or after! The foot is a different story.

What a temperature change from last week when I ran in a tank top and shorts. This week I wore a long-sleeve Under Armour Cold Gear top, Nike capri pants, CEP compression sleeves, a Saucony ear band and gloves. It was 39 degrees when we headed out this morning! Here we are before our last longgg run until the Richmond Marathon!

Last LONG run before November 16th!

Last LONG run before November 16th!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really don’t like having my hair in a ponytail for long runs. I prefer tight french braids so nothing moves. I’ve gotten bored with the typical french braid so tried to mix it up with a Game of Thrones inspired braid that I saw a youtube tutorial on. It’s a little tricky with curly hair but it’s basically 2 rope braids that converge into a french braid. I’ll work on perfecting a style for the Richmond Marathon. It didn’t budge for the 20 miles!


We changed up our route slightly by running through Georgetown, along M Street, then turned to run back down K Street to the Capital Crescent Trail. I was happy that my hip has improved very much and didn’t bother me much at all. It still felt pinched at times but considerably better than just a few weeks ago. We encountered a few small yet steep uphills heading into Rosslyn and my left foot felt pretty terrible then because I had to bend it at an angle such that my tendons were really pressed against my shoe. Other than that, it was a fairly flat route. Running through Georgetown is always fun because we can check out store window displays. Great distraction. The Capital Crescent Trail is so peaceful and relaxing. Such a pretty fall day! Again, I was happy to be having zero stomach issues. We stopped at the extremely clean restroom on the trail and refilled our water bottles. Remembered the lemonade nuun tablet this time!

My long-sleeve Under Armour was a good choice overall, especially with the wind. If there hadn’t been wind, I would have been too hot on such a sunny day. Since I don’t have a lighter weight long-sleeve and have been eyeing the Lululemon Run Swiftly long-sleeve tees, we stopped in the store on M Street to check on the sale rack (and new products as well!). I think the long-sleeve or short-sleeve with arm warmers might be a good option for the Richmond Marathon. A few blocks later, we stopped at Georgetown Running to fill up our water bottles. The starting and stopping around miles 14-15 were a little tough. It was hard to get going again although I felt so close to being done.

Honey Stinger waffles are amazing! I tried one for my second fueling around mile 15 and it really hit the spot. So much better than a second gel. I do think I broke it into too many pieces. Next time I’ll just do quarters. I wish I got more of an energy boost but maybe my energy boost was hampered by my foot issue.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 10.02.04 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 9.42.33 PM
I really felt good, with minor foot pain until about the Lincoln Memorial on the way home. My left calf felt very tight, my legs felt heavy in general, and my foot really hurt all of a sudden. My sneaker suddenly felt WAY too tight. I stretched and then ran to the Washington Monument where I caught up to Matt. We took a break and stretched. I loosened my sneaker significantly. The last two miles were not easy. Speedy Mike was out of sight so we ran together at a slower pace for the last couple of miles. Matt’s battling a cold so felt really drained at that point. But we made it.

I felt better after this run than I usually do minus the foot. No stomach issues, no hip issues, not many aches and pains. But the foot…. Mike and I laid down for about 45 minutes. It felt strange to start running in the morning and get home around 1 pm! Where did the day go?! Plus then we laid down for awhile. Stretched. Ice bath for me. 2 Chocolate Milks.

We met Matt at Justin’s Cafe in our building for a late lunch. We all had a beer and split guacamole. Mike and I split a delicious pizza with ranch dressing. But we could each only eat one piece. It was really strange how none of us were really that hungry even though we burned about 2500 calories that morning!

So now we are in taper mode. I am icing my foot and have felt improvement throughout the day. I can walk now! 🙂 I’ve got to get this tendon inflammation under control before the marathon. I’m glad we have 3 lower-key weeks to rest up before race day! Tomorrow we’ll watch Mike’s brother Kevin run the Marine Corps Marathon! Spectator recap tomorrow.



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