Foot Issues

The tendons on the top of my left foot became inflamed 2 weeks ago during a run that incorporated more hills than usual. I went to PT last week and was able to do the 20 mile run on Saturday but felt pain around miles 17-20. The top of my foot hurt pretty badly afterwards so I iced all weekend and have been taking advil. Last week I found that yoga really helped so I did that yesterday morning. It’s important to keep calf muscles loose to help with the extensor tendon inflammation.

I’m frustrated with this random top-of-foot pain and really want to use these three taper weeks to get the inflammation under control. The rest of my body felt fine the day after the 20 mile run, besides some soreness. The good news is this is tapering time! I emailed my PTs to fill them in on Saturday (I’m going in tomorrow afternoon) and, they agree, that we should make a strategy for the next three weeks so that I still maintain my running fitness while allowing my foot to rest as much as possible. Tendonitis is tough because the only real cure is to rest it. Last week when I went into PT, Paul said my foot was just an inflamed tendon issue, not tendonitis. I’m unclear how they are differentiated but guess that tendonitis is more severe and lingering. They both think that my form might not have been so good towards the end of the run as I got tired. Perhaps if I focus on strengthening, including core work and yoga, over the next few weeks, that could be more beneficial than doing a couple of short runs during the week.

Swelling on the left foot

Swelling on the left foot

I have been worried it’s a stress fracture but don’t think this is the case. My foot felt fine until mile 17. There isn’t isolated pain. It’s on the top of my foot near my ankle but kind of radiates down to my big toe. I did try KT Tape since I had some leftover from the plantar fasciitis issue a couple months ago. I love how KT tape feels but am not sure how much it actually helps. It helped before but could have been a placebo effect. I followed a video I found on youtube to explain how to apply the tape for top-of-foot pain.

I don’t want to have terrible foot pain during the last miles of the marathon. I hope that I can use these three weeks to get the inflammation down and hope it doesn’t flare up during the race. I’ve read that simply tying your running sneakers differently can help dramatically. So I think I’ll try that for the next run (Saturday?) that I do.



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    1. Glad you like the blog! Yes, I’m realizing just how important it is to take care of your feet! Really hoping that the tendon issues on my left foot subside during the next 3 taper weeks 🙂

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