Random Running Thoughts

Pacers Running Store in Silver Spring (where I work) was having a 50% off everything sale yesterday because they are closing in 2 days. I chatted with the store manager and it sounds like they may open up a store on Capitol Hill, near us, which would be amazing! Although the selection was pretty picked over, I did find a Nike breeze tank top for warm-weather running. I already have it in blue and really like it!

Pretty color!

Pretty color!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect sports bra and was so close to finding it at Pacers (and at 50% off!) but the only size they had was too big. Oiselle High 10 sports bra is awesome – comfortable, soft fabric, no digging in by armpits. I called other Pacers stores in the area to see if they had it in stock. The manager at the Clarendon store said the Oiselle High 10 sports bras are by far her favorite; she has 12 of them! None of the stores had my size and this sports bra isn’t even on amazon in my size. The Beanie Baby syndrome kicked in and now I want it more because it’s so hard to find. Anyway, I signed up for an alert from the Oiselle website to let me know when they get more of these in stock. Apparently, according to Pacers, Oiselle’s supply chain isn’t the best and they can’t keep up with demand for these sports bras. The Pacers manager suggested I look at Lole, a brand I hadn’t heard of, because they have a similar style. I’ll stop in the Clarendon Pacers and check it out in the next few weeks.

I opened up my new Balega socks and found this funny inspection sticker. I’d never seen anything like this before!



Last random running comment – Kevin left some of the snacks that he got in the bag after the Marine Corps Marathon. I think he ate a banana and a couple of bars (granola, energy).



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  1. […] things about their website is that Balega calls out their people who hand inspect the socks. Stickers are found on the socks with the inspectors’ photos but their stories are all […]

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