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Mike’s Guest Blog – Where have I been?

If you follow the blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve dropped off the radar the last few weeks, both in guest-blogging and in Kathleen’s or Matt’s entries.  Three weeks ago today (two weeks before race day), I was wrapping up a 12 mile taper run with Matt.  My legs felt good so Matt and I […]

Richmond Marathon Recap: Part Two

Miles 1-7 We jumped into the corral as it was moving to the start and we basically just starting running. This was happening! We were running a marathon! I was really happy my shin or calf or foot wasn’t hurting immediately. I tried not to think of the long run ahead and to just focus […]

Richmond Marathon Recap: Part One

We are marathoners! It takes a few days to digest everything that has happened. There was so much build-up, so much training for just one day. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions before the race, during the race and after the race. Pre-Race Expo. On Friday, Mike and I drove to Richmond (only 90 […]

2 Days Until the Richmond Marathon!

2 days. The last few days I’ve felt pretty nervous but today I woke up just excited! There’s really not much more I can do besides going into the race confident, rested and hydrated. I put the training in with a few hiccups along the way. I know I CAN do this. Pain might (will […]

3 Days Until the Richmond Marathon!

Only 3 Days. I actually ran today for the first time since physical therapy. My PT really wanted me to try out 1 mile, so despite the FRIGID temps today, I went out for a 1.5 mile run. It was fine. My right foot actually felt strange after so I think I’ll tie my right […]

4 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

What a crazy mix of emotions this week! I’m nervous: -that the tendonitis on my foot will flare up -that my calf will hurt -that my hip will hurt -that my stomach will be upset -that my earbuds will break -that I won’t finish. Moments I am so excited about: -walking just 1 block to […]

5 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

This week includes: – Lots of sleep – Inspirational running quotes – Positive thinking – Leg resting – No heels – Hydrating – Lots of complex carbs starting tomorrow My physical therapist gave me a suggestion for fueling pre-race. I usually just have a Larabar a few hours before the start of any race but […]

6 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

It’s so hard to believe that the Richmond Marathon is just 6 days away! I feel like my running confidence is down because our 20 miler seems so long ago now! And I haven’t run in a few weeks either since I’ve been resting my extensor tendons. But I know I can do this. This […]

Duct Tape in My Sneakers

You shouldn’t have to put duct tape in your sneakers to prevent your toe from pushing through the top. I had this toe issue several years ago and have since always put duct tape in my sneakers under the top of the shoe, where my foot rubs. I would literally get holes in the toes […]

Matt’s Guest Blog: Amphipod Runlite Airstretch Hydration Belt Follow-up Review

On a weekly basis, I feel like I’m searching the internet for reviews of some running-related item. More often than not, I find a lot of really useful information from customer reviews, personal blogs and online running publications. One item that I purchased despite its lack of product reviews was my Amphipod Runlite Airstretch Hydration […]