Sidelined with a Sinus Infection

This week I’ve taken tapering to a whole new level where I’ve basically completely stopped exercising. I had a grand plan of doing two days of yoga and two days of legs & back with Ab Ripper X this week and then elliptical today. But I have a sinus infection. Not fun. I always get a sinus infection around this time of year when the leaves start falling so I wasn’t shocked. I was actually kind of glad I got it this week rather than before last week’s final long run or right before the marathon. A sinus infection really wipes out your energy. I feel dizzy sometimes even walking quickly so running is very much out of the question right now.

No Saturday run for me

No Saturday run for me

The antibiotic that always works for me has a side effect (1/10,000) of tendon rupture. So with the marathon approaching, it’s probably best not to take a chance on that. The doctor prescribed another one, but after I took that, I experienced stomach pains/gurgling and saw a side effect is diarrhea for the duration plus 10 days – 10 months after taking the meds. ?!?! So I stopped taking that immediately. Those are my only 2 strong antibiotic choices because of my penicillin allergy. Neither option was very good for 2 weeks before a marathon. Today I’ll start the steroid and z pack combo, which usually works well to kick the sinus infection for me. In a few days, I’ll be back to normal and feel like my head isn’t in a vice.

In other news, the Richmond Marathon is in 2 weeks!!!

The recent participant news email included information regarding what to eat the week before the marathon:
Dr. Doug Cutter, Medical Director of the Anthem Richmond Marathon and a sports medicine doctor with CJW Sports Medicine Center, suggests that anyone planning to run a marathon should be sure to increase their sodium intake the final week leading up to the event. In other words, Dr. Cutter suggests that you increase the amount of salt on your food to where you are tasting the salt.

There are two reasons why he recommends that marathoners do this. First, you will increase your water pool during the days leading up to the event so you will be less dehydrated on race day. And second, you will decrease the potential of developing hyponatremia during the event. Hyponatremia is a sodium imbalance brought on by excess fluid consumption and in rare cases has led to death for marathoners.

In addition, a handy course support chart was included. I love how Richmond has so much support during the race with lots of bands, party zones, wet towels, junk food, etc. The last few miles will hopefully go quickly with so much at every mile. I can’t wait!

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 8.57.16 AM

The marathon seemed like such a far away event but now it seems like it’s coming up so quickly. I still have some energy chews I want to try out on a long run before the marathon and a pair of socks to try out as well! But there is only one 8 miler left! The Richmond Marathon is SO CLOSE!


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