5 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 7.29.24 PM

This week includes:
– Lots of sleep
– Inspirational running quotes
– Positive thinking
– Leg resting
– No heels
– Hydrating
– Lots of complex carbs starting tomorrow

My physical therapist gave me a suggestion for fueling pre-race. I usually just have a Larabar a few hours before the start of any race but I get hungry pretty quickly running long distances. He suggested waking up 4 hours before the race (that’s 4 am!) and having about 5-6 oz of sweet potato baby food. He said it’s easily digestible and the perfect combination of protein, sugar and carbs. Makes sense. I wish I knew this earlier so I could try it out! He said 2 hours before the race to have an apple (or a banana) with peanut butter. I’m going to test out the baby food this week but it’s too late to test before a long run. I haven’t decided what to do yet. I know it’s not smart to try out a new food plan before a marathon but I might have 1 jar of baby food 4 hours before if it feels ok on my stomach during my test this week. I think I need more than a Larabar and to have something earlier than 2 hours before the start, as well.

Image 12

Image 13


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