4 Days until the Richmond Marathon!

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 7.32.08 PM

What a crazy mix of emotions this week!

I’m nervous:
-that the tendonitis on my foot will flare up
-that my calf will hurt
-that my hip will hurt
-that my stomach will be upset
-that my earbuds will break
-that I won’t finish.

Moments I am so excited about:
-walking just 1 block to the start from our hotel lobby – perfect.
-standing in the corral before the race starts
-running through the party zones
-getting over the dreaded bridge
-running past mile 20
-running downhill to the finish
-crossing the finish line
-seeing my parents watching
-reuniting with Matt and Mike after the race
-celebrating our accomplishment!
-and so many more!

I don’t want to put pressure on us to finish. Things happen. I’m so proud of us no matter what happens. We have worked so hard and come so far.

Side note – I discovered this amazing chocolate-covered Ritz crackers at Target this weekend. Love the pre-marathon saltiness!

Image 14


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