Monthly Archives: December 2013

Cold Weather Running

Since my last post a couple of weeks ago, I went on just 3 runs outside (actually 3 runs period). Mike and I kicked off his birthday (Dec. 21) with a 7ish mile run – our longest since the Richmond Marathon. It was a sunny day with highs expected to reach in the sixties by […]

Matt’s Guest Blog Post: How to #RunRichmond and get #Booted

This is the second (and very overdue) Richmond marathon blog post that I am writing. The first post didn’t consider any of the personal issues that I was dealing with before, during and after the race. Rather than reviewing the race, this post will describe how I fared during my 26 miles. I had been […]

Picking Up the Pace

Mike and I went for runs on Friday evening and today (Sunday), trying to run a little faster for each run. On Friday, it was COLD. I prefer running in the mornings and getting it out of the way but I’m glad Mike pushed me to get out and go for a 4 mile run. […]

Our 2014 Plan

It’s hard choosing what races to do. And there are limitations – time, travel, expenses. So Mike and I thought it best to start with a list of all races we’re interested in and then narrow it down. We had originally thought it would be fun to do the Rock ‘n Roll tour pass and […]

First Run Since the Marathon

Mike and I ran outside last Saturday for the first time since the marathon (I actually ran one time before – on Thanksgiving on a treadmill for 5 miles). It felt so great! It’s amazing how running really can make you feel so happy. I guess it was also the fact that we made it […]

Richmond Marathon Reflections

I am finally getting around to writing my Richmond Reflections. It took me awhile to digest it all. Now, Richmond feels like ages ago, almost like it didn’t even happen! I went from thinking about it all the time and talking about it a lot to nothing. It’s over. After months of build-up. I thought […]

Mike’s Richmond Recap

Hopefully, I’ve kept you at the edge of your seat since my last post.  If you need a refresher, here’s the link.  After experiencing some ankle tendinitis in the last 2 weeks of training (what was supposed to be an easy taper), and visiting a PT several times, I decided to change my running form […]

Matt’s Guest Blog Post: Richmond Marathon Review (Part 1)

  I will be posting twice about my experience running the Richmond Marathon – the first being a review of the race in terms of how it was organized and executed, and the second being a personal account of “my race”. This post will be the more objective race review. For those searching the internet […]