Monthly Archives: January 2014

P90X3 Yoga Review

After a taking a full week off of exercising because I was sick, I decided to ease back into it with P90X3 Yoga. I wouldn’t ease back into exercising with the original P90X YogaX, which I actually do enjoy. It took awhile (many months actually) for me to like the original DVD with 92 minutes […]

P90X3 Dynamix Review

Dynamix is now one of my favorite P90X3 DVDs. After back-to-back days of running, I wanted a workout where I could stretch out, work on my core and do some strength training but not work up too much of a sweat. This was perfect. I didn’t realize until afterwards that Dynamix is supposed to be […]

Getting Motivated to Run When You’d Rather Not Run

I really did not feel like running this weekend. It’s strange how somedays I really look forward to running (usually) and other days I’d really rather not run. For some reason, this weekend I just didn’t feel like it. It was cold out. We just started Homeland Season 3. Frankly, I’d rather just stay on […]

Breaking Records & Nike Top Review

Sunday was fairly warm (especially with the sun out) but pretty windy. I was excited to try out my new Nike Pro Hyperwarm Side Tie Top. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I exchanged a defective Under Armour top (poor quality fabric) for the Nike winter top. Dick’s didn’t have the color I […]

P90X3 MMX Review

Similar to P90X’s Kenpo workout, MMX combines kicking, punching and twisting for a full-body martial-arts style workout. I used to like Kenpo although would often replace that DVD with plyometrics or just going for a run. I felt like after I did Kenpo a few times, it was pretty easy. I didn’t think MMX would […]

P90X3 Workout Review – The Warrior (Mike’s Guestblog)

Keeping with the theme from Kathleen’s last post, another P90X3 workout review.  Last Friday on my day off from work, I decided to give a different workout a try.  I was looking for a workout I could do in our apartment, with no extra equipment necessary.  After flipping through the DVD set, I decided on […]

P90X3 Accelerator Review

Matt bought the new P90X3 DVD set and offered to let me test it out since he won’t be able to do the DVDs for a couple of weeks (due to the healing of his stress fracture). I’ve been very intrigued with P90X3, especially drawn to the shorter 30 minute workouts! I’m a big fan […]

Nike Thermal Running Hoodie & Saucony Headband Review

For Christmas, Mike’s parents bought me a Nike Thermal Running Hoodie! New running clothes and gear is great motivation to get my legs moving. So Mike and I headed out around noon (mid-40s but very sunny) for an 8 mile run, our longest since the Richmond Marathon. I was excited to try out my new […]