Nike Thermal Running Hoodie & Saucony Headband Review

For Christmas, Mike’s parents bought me a Nike Thermal Running Hoodie! New running clothes and gear is great motivation to get my legs moving. So Mike and I headed out around noon (mid-40s but very sunny) for an 8 mile run, our longest since the Richmond Marathon. I was excited to try out my new Nike hoodie. It’s different than my other Under Armour long sleeves since this one isn’t compression – it isn’t really tight. It’s very soft and cozy! It doesn’t scream running top like the compression long-sleeves do. I liked the looser feel of it but would need a base layer for really cold days when the cold air could come up through the loose bottom of the hoodie.

Cute new Nike hoodie!

Cute new Nike hoodie!

This is also my first hooded running long-sleeve. I was skeptical of the hood because of it a) actually fitting my head because of all my hair and b) staying on while running. Well it turned out to work great! The hoodie, as you can see, completely covers my head and has a little visor built in to help block the sun. I started off the run with the top zipped up all the way and the hoodie on – I felt like I was in a warm running cocoon! The hood stayed on until I pulled it down when I got too hot.

Actually fits my head!  A first for a hoodie!

Actually fits my head! A first for a hoodie!

Cute visor - love how high it zips too so my neck is completely covered

Cute visor – love how high it zips too so my neck is completely covered

I also like the pocket on the back! It’s big enough for an iPhone although my phone did bounce a lot since the hoodie’s not compression style and not tight to my body. I got used to the bouncing though! It’s easy to access the pocket because of the angled zipper. Perfect spot for gels, chapstick, or even a phone!

So easy to unzip and zip up!

So easy to unzip and zip up!

The coolest feature was the opening for your watch! You need to have the shirt sleeves down all the way with your thumb through the loop for the opening to line up correctly. I loved this feature because I usually end up wearing my watch on top of my shirts. I do wish it opened a little more because sometimes it was hard to get at the button to start/stop at stoplights, etc. This could just be a result of my wearing gloves and also just not being used to it yet. I couldn’t see the face well enough to see if I actually pushed the button hard enough to stop it and then restart it. I guess I could turn down my music and listen for the start/stop beep too. It worked pretty well with my Garmin 410 but I’m not sure if other watches would align with the start/stop buttons. Also, there was only an opening on the left arm so lefties would need to wear their watch on their left arm if they wanted to utilize this feature. Still, very cool feature and something I’d never seen before!


I love this Nike hoodie! It worked well when I got warm towards the end of the run because I could just take off the hood and/or unzip the neck. And it also looks really cute! Love the blue/gray color combo.

In other news, I contacted Saucony about the headband with the poorly glued on letters. Saucony guarantees all their products. I’ve had great experiences with customer service in the past when I had a problem with a pair of sneakers. I didn’t expect anything in return from Saucony since the headband still “worked” but wanted to provide feedback on the product for possible future improvements. But Saucony said they’d replace the headband. Unfortunately, the cool gray space-dyed color is no longer being made. I chose pink for a replacement color and they put it in the mail right away. I think the color looks a little darker in person but I actually prefer it; it’s a nice watermelon-y color pink. The letters seem much more secure on this headband so far. The problem for me is the size of the pony-tail hole. I never expect my hair to fit through the pre-made “one size fits most” pony-tail holes in hats and ear bands. I prefer the women’s though because there’s gathered fabric in the front of the headband – you can’t really tell on the website – that makes it look more feminine. Here’s me trying to get my ponytail through the hole – not even close.



But it works fine with my ponytail above it! Overall, a great headband by Saucony and outstanding customer service!

As for the run, we completed our 8 miles. I had some stomach issues so needed to take a break and have some fuel by the Washington Monument on the way home. Note my new Nathan water bottle – stay tuned for a review on that!

Trying to pull myself together for the last 2 miles

Trying to pull myself together for the last 2 miles

During the marathon, the front of my ankle got cut from the tongue of my sneaker rubbing on it for so long. I figured it was because it was 4+ hours and raining. But it happened today! I realized Mike’s socks have a tab on the front so this doesn’t happen. I’m wearing Thorlos here.

My cut foot.  Mike's cool socks

My cut foot. Mike’s cool socks

Mike and I have been binge-watching Homeland over the past week and a half. It’s SO good!! So we stopped to take a photo where Sgt. Brody stands in the opening credits. The sky was gorgeous today!

Homeland opening

Homeland opening

Image 3

Image 6



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