P90X3 Workout Review – The Warrior (Mike’s Guestblog)

Keeping with the theme from Kathleen’s last post, another P90X3 workout review.  Last Friday on my day off from work, I decided to give a different workout a try.  I was looking for a workout I could do in our apartment, with no extra equipment necessary.  After flipping through the DVD set, I decided on The Warrior workout.  Like the Accelerator workout that Kathleen and I previously did, The Warrior is a 30 minute workout.  It can be done anywhere, all you need is a flat surface (Tony mentions that the flight deck of an aircraft carrier works just fine).  This is a workout that’s seems to be closely modeled after a military physical training workout.

P90X3 - The Warrior

P90X3 – The Warrior

The disc begins with a 3-minute warmup (there’s a longer warmup, called the Cold Start, available at the DVD menu screen, if you need a longer warmup).  The workout is 4 sets of 4 different exercises.  In each set, there’s an upper-body, cardio, core, and legs exercise.  At the end of each set is a short water break, and then the next set begins.  Each exercise is roughly 1 minute long, with a couple exceptions.  Here is the list of exercises:

1st Set:

  • Plank Sphinx Push-ups (alternate between standard plank and plank with forearms on ground)
  • Speed skater (jump side-to-side, landing on one foot)
  • Down dog crunches (2 minutes, in down dog, bring knee in to right arm, then forehead, then left arm, repeat with other leg)
  • Side lunge jump shots (basketball move, lunge to alternating sides, pick up imaginary ball, shoot imaginary ball, repeat)

2nd Set:

  • Elevator Push-Ups (push-ups, holding halfway down or almost touching ground)
  • Double uppercut sprawls (Kenpo move, uppercut twice with each arm, sprawl on ground, get up, repeat)
  • Roller boat (start balanced on your bottom, knees tucked to chest, roll backwards on back, roll forwards, hold legs and arms up at roughly 30 degrees, roll back again)
  • One leg jump squats (90 percent weight on one leg, squat down, jump off that leg for 30 seconds, then switch legs – This BURNS after about 20 seconds)

3rd Set:

  • Thumbs up pushups (push-up, then lift up and extend right arm and left, repeat using other arm and leg, requires lots of balance, good core exercise also)
  • Elbow, over the top elbow, sprawl (another Kenpo exercise, similar to exercise in set#2)
  • Fifer scissor twist (lie on back, left leg straight up, right slightly off ground, left arm straight out to left on ground, reach for left leg with right arm, then switch arms and legs)
  • Warrior squat lunges (squat down and touch right arm to left foot, then jump into a lunge position with right hand up, 15 reps on each leg)

4th Set:

  • Super burpee (sprawl, pushup, right knee to left elbow, pushup, left knee to right elbow, pushup, jump up, repeat)
  • Think drills (Classic football drill, 3 point football stance, then raise arms and shuffle feet as quickly as possible)
  • Abrinome (on back, arms out on ground, legs together and slowly move them from right to left and back)
  • Spiderman squats (one leg ahead of the other, reach arm down to foot, jump 90 degrees, repeat for 20 seconds, then do the same except jump 180 degrees for 20 seconds, then 360 degrees)
  • Burnout Bonus Exercise (depth charges, slowly squat, touch hands to feet, then jump up)

I did this disc again about an hour ago.  I really enjoy the total body workout, the ability to do this anywhere with no extra equipment and in a small space (a decent-sized living area in an apartment works).  There are a couple of exercises that require some jumping (speed skater for one), but as long as you have about 10 feet of side-to-side space and 8 or 9 foot ceilings, you should be ok.

Both times, I’ve really worked up a sweat and I’m definitely not close to being able to complete the workout without sucking wind and cutting some exercises short.  Like Kathleen, I enjoy P90X workouts as cross-training workouts, and I’ve set a goal to do The Warrior workout 2-3 times per week for a couple months to see what kind of improvement I can make.  I’ll admit that, right now, my core is in the worse shape of all three (with legs not too far behind).  I’ll sporadically blog updates in the next couple months to let you know how it’s going and whether it has a noticeable impact on my running.


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