P90X3 MMX Review

Similar to P90X’s Kenpo workout, MMX combines kicking, punching and twisting for a full-body martial-arts style workout. I used to like Kenpo although would often replace that DVD with plyometrics or just going for a run. I felt like after I did Kenpo a few times, it was pretty easy. I didn’t think MMX would be hard – just 30 minutes of Kenpo style moves. Wow, was I wrong!


I didn’t even get through this DVD. I stopped it after 20 minutes and probably only actively worked out for 13 of those minutes. This is HARD. I was kind of disappointed with myself afterwards for not completing just a 30 minute workout. But today (Wednesday) is the first day I’m not sore. My upper back, lower back, arms, abs, and legs (basically my entire body) were very sore for 3 days after about 13 minutes of MMX! It was hard to put shirts over my head, open doors (that pulling motion), push myself out of bed, etc. I’m a little scared to try this DVD again. Maybe I can make it to 20 full minutes.

Anyway, so what is this all about? MMX takes place in the original, masculine P90X gym (not the bright and sunny studio on other P90X3 DVDs). It’s similar to Kenpo but jumps into complicated moves right away. Because of the fast speed and lack of demonstration by Tony, it takes a little while to figure out the moves. By the time I figured out some of them, the exercise was almost over. But this problem would be solved with multiple times working out to this DVD and becoming familiar with the exercises.

The individual moves are simple – hook, upper cut, front kick, side kick, etc. But combined together with twisting and sprawls, the exercises become more complicated. The names of the exercises are not catchy – they just describe the exercise by listing all the moves and barely fits on the bottom scroll of the screen.

Secondly, there are a LOT of “sprawls”. I don’t remember this move from P90X. And I think I would have because I don’t like them at all. Sprawls are tough. Basically you jump down into a plank position but with your arms and legs “sprawled” like a star and jump back up, fast. Incorporated with the punching and kicking combination, the sprawls make the exercises into advanced burpee-like moves. My heart rate was up the entire time and I really worked up a sweat in the short amount of time I did MMX.

I actually wasn’t sure I got that great of a workout in, since I only did 13 minutes. Yeah I sweated and felt tired but blamed that on my being hungry/hangry and not really in the mood to work out. I also wasn’t convinced that punching and kicking the air would really work my muscles. I was wrong. If I can be sore for 3 days from about 15 minutes of exercising at home, I’m sold. What a workout!

This is a fast-paced, complicated, tough DVD – not for P90X beginners! Or P90X3 for that case. This is no Tae Bo.



  1. I really appreciate these reviews. I’ve been thinking of purchasing P90X3 and the commentaries have been very helpful in making a decision to buy or not. I’m leaning toward going for it. The promise of a 30 minute workout doesn’t really sound accurate since it appears that’s only likely to happen after someone has done the DVD several times, is familiar with the moves, and doesn’t need to take time to watch the move, back up the DVD and then actually do it. All in all, it sounds like a good purchase.

    1. I’m glad you find the reviews helpful! I would definitely recommend P90X3. If you are familiar with P90X, I think many of the exercises will be sort of familiar – you’ll catch on quickly. For example, I’ve noticed variations on speed skater in several P90X3 DVDs. For a true newbie, I’d recommend watching an exercise, rewinding and then doing it.

  2. So glad I found this. I did the full 30 minutes. Active about 20-25 minutes of it and boy am I feeling it today. My arms and back are insanely sore. I woke up this morning wondering if MMX worked me that hard?! I went ahead and did Dynamix this morning because I was so stuff and couldn’t move.

    1. Hi Brad! Isn’t it surprising how great of a workout MMX is? I was shocked at how sore I was! You don’t feel it that much while you are doing it – it’s not easy, but you don’t think you’ll be THAT sore. Glad you had a good workout. Love Dynamix, as well, for recovery.

  3. Response appreciated.
    Can I sub workouts from another system?
    I am not too keen on x3 lower body workout.
    Maybe Supreme 90 leg workout instead?

    1. I’m not a representative of or even expert on P90X. But I’d think it’s fine to sub in a workout from another program. I think what’s most important is to listen to your body and enjoy the workouts! So if you’d rather do Supreme 90, then go for it!

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