Breaking Records & Nike Top Review

Sunday was fairly warm (especially with the sun out) but pretty windy. I was excited to try out my new Nike Pro Hyperwarm Side Tie Top. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I exchanged a defective Under Armour top (poor quality fabric) for the Nike winter top. Dick’s didn’t have the color I wanted so they ordered it for me and shipped it to our apartment (free shipping if you order in store). It’s hard to find online now but it’s still available at Zappo’s (and at CitySports, at least in DC, on sale right now!).


I like how thick and long this shirt is. And it’s adorable! The bow by the neck is really cute and actually functional (well the drawstring feature, not the bow specifically). You can loosen it so the loose, big cowlneck covers more of your neck area and even face. A few times, running into the wind, I pulled the neck up over my mouth (but had to hold it since it doesn’t stay up on its own). It’s also nice to be able to tighten the tie if you’re getting too warm and expose more of your neck. Again, the length is great and the hem is slightly tighter on the bottom so the top doesn’t ride up when you’re running. The last feature that is pretty common in winter running tops now is the sleeves with thumbholes. I love this feature! It’s amazing how much warmer having the longer sleeves keeps your hands, wrists and lower arms. Since it was actually probably too warm out to be wearing this fairly thick running top, I got to test out its wicking powers (I was sweating a lot after the turnaround). The wicking worked well; my skin never really felt wet at all. I’m excited to wear this shirt for the Run Your Heart Out 5K – perfect Valentine’s Day colors!

We ran fast. Mike has gotten really good at negative splits (running the second half faster than the first half) and I’m working on getting better at them. We decided to do the first 3 miles (into the wind) at a comfortable pace and to pick up the speed on the way home, in hopes of breaking a Garmin 10K record. We’ve only had our Garmin watches since July so not all our runs are recorded. I broke my Garmin 5K, 10K and 1 Mile records!

Mile – 6.5 mins
5K – 21.53 mins
10K- 47.27 mins

We’re both working on speed to prepare for the upcoming 5K as well as the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in March. I had to stop twice during the run (after mile 3 and after mile 5) to slow down my breathing because I felt wheezing coming on. I also really focused on trying to control my breathing while I was running. That actually helped take my mind off of trying to run super fast.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.04.28 AM

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 7.04.58 AM

Music really helps me pick up the pace. Mike ran on Sunday without his shuffle but I ran with mine. He can tell when a fast song comes on because I pick up my speed, almost without recognizing I’m doing it (except I’m in front of him until he catches up!). Any song by Pitbull really does the trick. I listened to “Back in Time” a few times in a row when it came up on my shuffle on Sunday.


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