Getting Motivated to Run When You’d Rather Not Run

I really did not feel like running this weekend. It’s strange how somedays I really look forward to running (usually) and other days I’d really rather not run. For some reason, this weekend I just didn’t feel like it. It was cold out. We just started Homeland Season 3. Frankly, I’d rather just stay on the couch. But I ran. Two days in a row! Thanks to Mike. It helps to have someone to run with when you don’t feel like running.

The National Mall route sounded so boring. So Mike planned a running route around Capitol Hill, up to H Street where there are lots of new restaurants and bars (aka distractions from running), across a bridge and back down by Union Station, behind the Capitol and then home totaling about 5 miles. It helps so much to have a different running route. Although stopping and starting again at stoplights is sometimes annoying (not a problem when running on the National Mall), it was really nice to have a change of scenery! We took it slower than usual, which was nice. Neither of us felt like running very fast.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 7.32.50 PM

The Garmin heat wave feature shows the most popular areas to run in DC.  The Mall is very popular.  Our route was not so popular.

The Garmin heat wave feature shows the most popular areas to run in DC. The Mall is very popular. Our route was not so popular.

Monday was surprisingly warm, hitting close to 60 by mid-afternoon. But we started to run around 11 am and it was 46 when we started. I’m pretty bad at dressing for the weather (I hate being cold), although I’m trying to get better at it. Monday was a failed day. I wore my new blue Nike long-sleeve, Under Armour tights, calf sleeves, gloves and the Saucony earband. The great thing about the Nike long-sleeve is that the neck unzips a lot and it’s fairly loose. But I probably should have gone with a short sleeve and arm warmers.

Mike came up with a new route on Monday since I also didn’t want to run very much that day. But I knew I’d feel bad if Mike ran and I didn’t. So I ran. I usually don’t run 2 days in a row but the weather was so nice and a cold front was predicted to come in the next day and stick around for awhile. I wanted to take advantage of the great weather.

My iPod shuffle died as soon as we started the run. Not off to a good start. It was actually perfectly fine running without music. It would be hard to push myself to run fast without Pitbull but it was fine running at a comfortable pace. And Mike and I were able to chat most of the time. So we ran across the front of the Capitol, and headed north to Logan Circle (uphill) at P and 14th Street. Logan Circle, like H Street, has lots of cool restaurants and shops including Lululemon and Pacers Running Stores. We stopped at both stores. It was nice to have a destination and something to look forward to during the run for the turnaround. And Pacers has water free water available! It’s fun to run through the city for a change – there’s so much to look at. DC is great because our sidewalks are wide – very runner friendly! It’s also nice to get some hills in our training since the Rock ‘n Roll in March has a lot of uphills. We ran a little faster and a little farther. My legs were definitely tired towards the end of the run. It’s also good for me to get used to running on tired legs. That was my downfall at the marathon and something I lacked training in the months leading up to the race.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 7.44.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 7.44.43 PM

Overall tips for running when you’d rather not run:
– Find a running partner to encourage you to run
– Change up the route
– Mix up your music or go without music for a change
– Choose a fun store or destination (like Lululemon or Pacers, for example) for a turnaround
– Don’t worry about time (for the first time I didn’t look at my watch once during the runs)

For the next few weeks, we’ll be working on training for the 5K – increasing our speed rather than working on distance.


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