P90X3 Dynamix Review

Dynamix is now one of my favorite P90X3 DVDs. After back-to-back days of running, I wanted a workout where I could stretch out, work on my core and do some strength training but not work up too much of a sweat. This was perfect. I didn’t realize until afterwards that Dynamix is supposed to be a recovery DVD, similar to P90X X-Stretch. This was much better!

This routine is all about dynamic stretching, stabilization and strengthening exercises to help you recover and increase your range of motion. I’d say this is especially good for runners as it focuses on legs, hips, glutes and little of the back. A con could be that there aren’t too many upper body stretches. But for runners, the focus on the lower body is a pro. Maliki, one of the P90X3 demonstrators, is actually a runner, called out by Tony.

The exercises:

Leg lift (L & R) – laying on side
Abductor Lift (L & R)
Horse step – still laying on side
Glute lift – laying on stomach
Forearm plank (L & R)
Scorpian – laying on stomach – stretches lower back, glutes, hamstrings
Shoulder stretch – in child’s pose, clasp hands behind back and lean forward
Ham/hip rock – great to stretch out hips, calves – one of my favorites
Groiners – in plank, bring one leg at a time up and bend, outside of hand
Pigeon – stretches hips, IT band
Lunge push-ups
Polka Stretch – (below)

My favorite - the polka stretch

My favorite – the polka stretch

Hip circles – really opens up hips, feels great!
Polka Plus (R & L) – incorporates a back lunge into the Polka stretch
Double Knee Pulls – pull knee to chest while standing – 2 pulls to activate and then elongate
Front to Back Lunges (R & L)
Double Quad Stretch
Glide Lunge – move from left to right, staying low

photo 4

Tin Man Zombie

photo 1

Glute Rocker – on back, typical glute stretch but rock back and forth. Great for stretching hips and glutes!
Double Knee Pull – a pilates move, on your back
Double Pigeon – similar to the above move but hip opens up
Spinal Twist – on back, stretch leg over to opposite side
Fifer Scissor Stretch – familiar P90X move but focus is on stretching
Marching Bridge – a stretch my PT had suggested I incorporate (below)

photo 2

Farrthing Stretch – a little complicated, pilates-like move on your back
Side Banana – banana move the same as the P90X plyometrics banana but hold for 30 seconds per side

Dynamix is fast-paced with no breaks. You complete so many exercises in just 30 minutes. The problem with this, like the other P90X3 DVDs, is that you need to watch some exercises for a few seconds first to understand before doing it yourself, at least your first time watching it.

Great DVD if you want a low-key workout to stretch out and strengthen. Perfect for the day after a tough workout or run.



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