P90X3 Yoga Review

After a taking a full week off of exercising because I was sick, I decided to ease back into it with P90X3 Yoga. I wouldn’t ease back into exercising with the original P90X YogaX, which I actually do enjoy. It took awhile (many months actually) for me to like the original DVD with 92 minutes of yoga. But I realized how yoga can be after I got my first calf strain. YogaX helped me heal from my calf strain, strengthen and stretch. I’ve started incorporating yoga as a part of my training and regular exercise route, after experiencing the benefits.

92 minutes of Yoga X is a long time to commit so I was looking forward to just a 30 minutes workout. But I wasn’t sure how intense 30 minutes of yoga could really be.

This DVD was probably the tamest I have done, but not the easiest. Many of the moves are typical yoga positions/postures so it’s stuff you’d be familiar with if you ever took a yoga class or did YogaX. The DVD starts off with child’s pose, quickly moving into downward dogs and sun salutations – like a usual yoga class. Then we go into Crescent Lunge but lean forward into “Airplane” – a new move for me where you clasp your hands behind your back and lean forward. Tricky with the balance!

Then we moved into the familiar Chair Pose and did a condensed version of Warrior One, Warrior Two and Reverse Warrior, flowing from one to another. We moved quickly through these so it’d be ideal to be familiar with the exercises prior to doing this DVD, or watching it first before trying. I was hoping that my least favorite yoga postures would be cut out from this DVD but no…so back to Crescent Lunge and onto just one leg for Warrior Three, Half Moon, Twisting Half Moon and Standing Splits. I actually usually fast-forward through these exercises on the P90X original YogaX but felt bad doing so on a 30 minute DVD.

Because of the 30-minute time frame, we were told to not waste time shifting our mats sideways and to do a wide leg bend, so both feet were off the mat. From there we moved into Triangle and Twisting Triangle on each side – kind of strange since my feet were off the mat and slipping a bit. Next time, I’d probably take the few seconds to turn my mat. Then, like P90X YogaX, we did some balance postures first with tree and then leg extension. But this yoga doesn’t give you all the modifications that are in YogaX. All three people on the DVD grasped their big toe during leg extension. Crazy!

VERY hard

VERY hard

P90X YogaX original - Daniel Haas holding up his leg

P90X YogaX original – Daniel Haas holding up his leg

I stuck with the modification of just holding my leg straight out (harder than it sounds). Ted’s Chair, named after the yogi Ted in the DVD, is incredibly challenging – definitely an advanced move.

Ted takes it to the next level

Ted takes it to the next level

Then onto Crow (called Crane in YogaX), another exercise I usually fast-forward through because I can’t do it. I guess I should try and work on this one. Very tricky. I was glad that we got in some hamstring stretches, hip openers and spinal twisting (part of the Figure 4 series) at the end. We did Cat Dog on four legs (like Cat Stretch), Bird Dog to Dog Dancer (raise opposite hand/leg while on hands/knees), Plow, Fish (good for digestion I learned today at yoga at work), Camel – “one of my [Tony’s] favorite poses in the whole wide world”:

Tony's favorite

Tony’s favorite

I did miss Happy Baby and Glute Stretch but definitely not Yoga Belly Seven. There was also a shortened Shavasana at the end (no “omming” with legs crossed).

Shavasana - so nice

Shavasana – so nice

Overall, a good yoga DVD, although I think P90X YogaX delivers a better workout. I didn’t feel sore after this but maybe that’s not really the point. This is really about stretching and balance. With the original, I was usually pretty sore in my triceps and upper back/shoulders from all the vinyasas. Also, this may seem a little boring to those who have mastered P90X YogaX.


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