Monthly Archives: February 2014

Naturebox – Month One

I’m a snacker. I like healthy food. I also like being surprised. I love Naturebox! For Christmas, Mike got me a 3-month subscription to Naturebox – a company that delivers “wholesome and tasty treats” to your home on a monthly basis. I’d been getting targeted facebook ads for Naturebox for awhile so was vaguely familiar […]

Run Your Heart Out 5K Race Recap

5Ks are not necessarily easy. Although they are the most popular race distance, they aren’t my favorite distance. I usually try to push myself pretty hard and it doesn’t usually feel great. But it’s nice to mix up the distances and try to push pretty hard for a short distance (knowing it will be over […]

P90X3 CVX Review

CVX is actually considered a cardio workout in the P90X3 program but it wasn’t what I expected! I was thinking it would involve lots of jumping, sweating and non-stop moving. My heart rate got up but this was nowhere near the MMX intensity. Still a great workout – just a very different cardio workout than […]