P90X3 CVX Review

CVX is actually considered a cardio workout in the P90X3 program but it wasn’t what I expected! I was thinking it would involve lots of jumping, sweating and non-stop moving. My heart rate got up but this was nowhere near the MMX intensity. Still a great workout – just a very different cardio workout than MMX.

For this workout, you use just one weight, that Tony says (and is demonstrated by one of the CVXers in the DVD) could be a basketball or anything you have around the house. The most you want to use is 12 lbs. I had a 5 lb and an 8 lb that I switched between depending on the exercise. I’m usually cautious in choosing too heavy weights for repetitious exercises like those in this DVD, but I think I could have upped it a bit. I wasn’t really sore the next day or the day after. It might take a few times doing this DVD to figure out the right weight for the right exercise.

The DVD consists of 4 sets of 3 exercises that you do 2 rounds of. The second level takes the moves to a more intense level (faster, deeper squats, farther reach, etc.). It’s nice that you have time to figure out the form and the exercise at a slower pace before the speed/intense round (not always the case in P90X3 DVDs). The exercises are ones you’ve probably seen before either in Tony’s other DVDs or just from everyday gym workouts. If you haven’t seen them before, they are simple and easy to get the feel of quickly.

Set 1:
Press Jacks – move legs like jumping jack and press weight straight up
Atlas Twists – like a move in P90X plyo where you turn, lean over to “pick up a book” then turn to put “on a shelf”
March and Reaches – pick one leg at a time straight up and move weight straight down from overhead to touch toe – “stiff zombie”

March & Reach

March & Reach

Set 2:
Travelling Tire Twists – twist weight side to side as you move forward with legs in tire style. Some coordination here.
Squat Frog Reaches – love this one! squat in frog, bend so weight touches floor, up on toes with weight overhead
Arc Press Lunges – probably required the most coordination. You basically alternate legs while lunging and move the weight in arc from one side to the other when you switch legs.

Set 3:
Hop overs – this one is on many of the P90X3 DVDs – you hop sideways over a towel and back.
Balance Pulls – reminded me of a Tae Bo move but with weights (see below photo) – kind of a side crunch
Twist & Pivots – like a P90X3 warm up move but with weights

Balance Pull - moving so fast!

Balance Pull – moving so fast!

Set 4 – Burnout Round (only 1 high intensity round):
Side Reach Jumps – like you’re bending to pick up a basketball and then shooting it
Crescent Chairs – enjoyed this one! stay in crescent pose, alternate leg behind and stay in chair when legs are together
Globe Squatters – fun (minus the hop), stay in squat and move weight in an arc around head then do a little squat hop

Crescent Chair

Crescent Chair

Overall, a pretty fun DVD but not the most intense. A great workout for 30 minutes, combining some cardio, weights and interval training. You can really up the intensity in the second round by making it faster, deeper, etc., following Tony’s suggestions.


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