Yoga under the Palm Trees

Ok, so exercise isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about vacation. My and Mike’s exercise level really depends on the type of vacation, but we usually incorporate being active in some way. For some vacations, we’re walking a lot during the daytime and staying pretty active. That’s our exercise. Exercise doesn’t have to mean gym time. We recently got back from a few days of vacation in Florida. Luckily, we had perfect weather and were able to do all our exercises outside, soaking up some much-missed Vitamin D.

Saturday, Day 1 – travel day, beach day, no exercise

Sunday, Day 2 – LONG run in preparation for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon the following weekend. We brought our new Nathan hydration vests so we’d be prepared for a long run in the Florida heat. But we forgot the tubes/straws for them. Oops. Change of plans. Rather than doing an out and back run for 12 miles, we did smaller out and backs, stopping in the hotel lobby for water. A great thing about our hotel is that there are excellent paved running/walking paths outside the door. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of shade so it gets pretty warm if you don’t get out really early.
First out and back was 3 miles – to the inlet, through a neighborhood and back to the hotel. I love the four types of fruit-infused ice water in the lobby. Traditional lemon water is my favorite, while Mike prefers pineapple. Much better than hydration vest water! They also have cucumber, green apple and orange. I’m going to make an effort to put fruit in my water at home; plain old water can get boring.

Second out and back the other direction was about 4 miles. It was getting HOT by this point so we decided to finish out the run on the treadmills at the gym. We had an Accel gel (left at the front desk) before the treadmill portion of our run. The treadmills are brand new and really nice so it wasn’t bad at all for a few miles. I decided to stop at 11, rather than 12. With all the stopping and going, it felt like we were running for so long. I was anxious to get out on the beach.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 6.17.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 6.16.47 PM

Monday, Day 3 – Mike put a few P90X3 workouts on his phone before we left, so we did the Warrior workout on an astroturf lawn area at the hotel. Although we didn’t have separate speakers, we put the phone in a water glass so the sound would be amplified and we could still see the screen. It worked pretty well. It’s really important to us to maximize our workout time on vacation. The day before, we felt like we were running for a large portion of the morning – not very fun on vacation when you want to relax! It felt good to spend just 30 minutes working out, but working out effectively. The Warrior is intense! We deserved some R&R beach time after that.

No equipment needed

No equipment needed

The Warrior

The Warrior

Tuesday, Day 4 – Shorter run day. I always run with water so it was very out of my comfort zone to run close to 6 miles without water. But it was actually fine. I guess I was distracted with how SORE I was from the previous day’s Warrior workout. Running, although kind of painful at first, did actually help loosen up my muscles. We ran at our marathon-training pace and it felt really great for a change-up. Mike and I could talk without getting out of breath and really fell into the comfortable pace (about 9:09 average).

On balcony post-run

On balcony post-run

Walk on the beach – felt great on my calves and feet. Walking on the sand reminded me of exercises the PT gave me for extensor tendonitis. I had to pick up marbles with my toes. It’s really good to get your feet moving in that way and walking on the sand mimics requires lots of toe and foot bending.

Wednesday, Day 5– P90X3 Yoga day. We had a similar set-up with the iPhone in the water glass. We wanted to get yoga in after our runs and before the weekend race. I do prefer P90X original yoga to the P90X3 30 minute version. I just think I get a lot more out of the 90 mins of stretching and balancing. But this worked, especially on vacation! This was Mike’s first time doing this DVD and it moves quickly, unlike the original version. I did miss the glute stretch, happy baby, and cobbler pose so I did those afterwards. Still sore from the Warrior two days later.

Followed by mimosas and muffins offered by the hotel pool-side!

Image 30

Thursday – Back in DC – no workouts until Saturday’s half marathon!

You don’t need to exercise for hours on vacation to get in a great workout. And you don’t necessarily need equipment either! Exercise can actually be enjoyed on vacation. Choose to do yoga under the palm trees rather than spending time indoors on the elliptical. Take a long walk on the beach. Do things you don’t normally do to mix things up and keep exercising fun.

An intense game of Ping Pong

An intense game of Ping Pong


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