Running with Spring Allergies

As much as I want to be out running under the cherry blossom trees this time of year, I know what that means for my allergies. With the long cold winter and a quick warm-up approaching, this spring is predicted to be one of the worst for seasonal allergy sufferers – short but intense. A massive pollen boom is predicted this week and I’m already starting to feel the effects. But I want to be outside and running! There’s no way I’m getting on a treadmill when it’s warm and sunny outside.

Running in the morning, while the dew is still on the ground, is the best time for allergy sufferers. I had been wanting to get into a morning workout routine anyway. Now that it’s not freezing outside, it’s easier to get out of bed and get moving.

5:10 AM came quickly! Mike and I got ready and were outside at 5:20, with our Garmins on and locating our position. Sometimes our Garmin watches take awhile (10+ mins!) to locate us so we wanted to allow time for that. It was already 53 degrees out. I wore shorts and a light-weight and loose long-sleeve.

Image 1

I like running on a pretty-empty stomach so I just had 2 bites of this mini Larabar uber (delicious) that I got from a race expo and some water.

Image 5

It was pretty dark out still but really cool to be one of the few people on the National Mall. It was kind of fun (maybe I sound crazy) to be up and running before the city is really awake. The few other runners we saw at that hour were all very friendly – saying hello or waving. I felt part of an elite and dedicated runner group. The National Mall was just beautiful, with the monuments all lit up and we felt like we had it all to ourselves.

Image 4
Image 3

My Garmin watch did stop for about half a mile going down Capitol Hill (user error) so I actually ran longer than what the Garmin registered. I don’t usually see the cool backlighting on my Garmin (not usually running in the dark).

Having trouble holding my hand still - you get the idea - blue backlighting!

Having trouble holding my hand still – you get the idea – blue backlighting!

We ran 5 miles and were back at home by 6:15 am. I’m usually still in bed at 6:15! What a productive day so far!

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.47.24 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 6.47.56 AM

I made my usual kale smoothie for breakfast in the Nutribullet (LOVE it! So fast and easy and clean-up is a breeze!). I put in kale (not sure why it only comes in ginormous bags), frozen fruit that varies week-to-week, a small banana and almond milk. I had tried unsweetened almond milk but the vanilla is just so much better. I like the little bit of sweetness!

Image 6
Image 7

The finished product!

The finished product!


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