Glen’s Garden Market Run Club

My friend first introduced me to Glen’s Garden Market – a one-year old market in DC’s Dupont Circle that sells just local and sustainable produce, meats, dairy and gourmet foods. In addition, Glen’s offers a variety of delicious homemade salads, sandwiches, pizzas and a pretty awesome bar. Their local craft beers are $4 all of the time – probably the cheapest draft beers in DC!

Pre-run outside of Glen's Garden Market (no rain yet!)

Pre-run outside of Glen’s Garden Market (no rain yet!)

I first went to Glen’s with Mike a few weeks ago for their one year birthday celebration. Glen’s doesn’t feel like a store you’d find smack in the middle of a city. It’s like a corner store (offering amazing gourmet food) where everyone seems to know each other; it feels very neighborhood-y. Glen’s is all about supporting local farmers and businesses. They have really interesting products that you can’t find in just any grocery store. You just feel good going there and supporting local.

They have lots of cool events that not every “grocery” store would offer such as Chef’s Dinners and Run Clubs! Mike and Matt had done the run club once before, so now that my Monday night class is done, I was able to join! The Glen’s Run Club is only offered every other Monday. If you miss one week, it feels like a long time before you’re back at the run club. Wish this was every week! For $5.50, you get one slice of their delicious pizza (types vary) and a choice of draft beer after the run. Such a deal!

Run Clubs can sometimes be intimidating. But Glen’s is a very friendly, non-cliquey run club with a focus on having a good time. The turnout on Monday was pretty good with about 12 people total, 50/50 male and female. I like wearing shirts to run clubs from previous races done – it’s a great conversation starter! We stretched outside, let our watches sync while the Glen’s employee (she usually runs but is injured) told us the simple loop course.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.05.26 AM

And then it started pouring! Not what the forecast called for. Although I wouldn’t really choose to run in the rain, I do feel kind of hard-core running in the rain. Mike sprinted ahead while I ran with another girl at a slower pace so we could chat. It’s nice to just run and not worry about keeping a specific pace. We had the option to do 1 or 2 loops (about half of the runners did 1 and half of the runners ran 2) – we did 2 loops, equaling about a 5K. It’s a little tricky running on sidewalks, rather than trails, especially around rush hour time (and in the rain!).

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 7.04.55 AM

Back at Glen’s, we paid and chose our beer. Check out the awesome craft beer draft list:

Image 3

We could choose from 3 different pizzas that were available. Mike chose one with homemade proscuitto while I opted for the mushroom. Everyone hung out at 2 long picnic-style tables by the deli area (the bar area was too crowded). It was nice to hang out with the other runners for awhile after the run and get to know them more.

Image 5Image 4

I’d highly recommend the Glen’s Run Club! I’m looking forward to the next one in two weeks. The Glen’s crew is the friendliest run club group I’ve met, and it’s nice that people hang out after the run and get to know each other over pizza and beer.

Do you like run clubs? Do you have a favorite run club that you’ve done?



  1. Thank you so much for this awesome post! It was great to have you at our last run, and I hope you can make it to our next one! I’m resting my bum ankle, willing it to heal, but super excited to run with folks again… I really love our friendly little group, glad you do too!

    If you want to join the digital club, with reminders about our run:
    The Meetup Group is here:

    and the Eventbrite is here:

    1. Thanks, Julia! The run was great and I’m looking forward to next week’s! Thanks for including the link for the Meetup Group and Eventbrite site, as well.

      See you on Monday!

  2. […] not a run club expert but I’ve done some CitySports, Nike, Potomac River Running and Glen’s Garden Market runs and this Port City run club was by far the largest! Mike and I estimated 40-50 people were there. […]

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