Richmond Marathon & Asics Training Plan

I hope the finisher's shirt is this cool retro design!

I hope the finisher’s shirt has this cool retro design!

Richmond Marathon for a second year! We all (Matt, Mike and I) signed up 2 nights ago (6/30) to take advantage of the price before July 1st increase. It’s funny how soon you forget. Immediately after the marathon, I was flooded with emotions but was pretty sure I had no desire to ever run for 26.2 miles again. And here I am!

I’m really looking forward to my second marathon. Now I know what to expect. I know what I could have done differently last year and how I can do better this year.

Finishing the Richmond Marathon last November

Finishing the Richmond Marathon last November

So what training plan am I following? Last year, I sort of followed the Hal Higdon Beginner plan that called for 4 days of running per week. I missed quite a bit of training last July and August due to 2 calf strains and then really took it easy through September to allow my muscles to heal. My PT encouraged me to avoid running back-to-back days so I usually ran just 3 times per week (what I usually do anyway). I’d like the keep running 3 days a week to allow extra days for yoga , cross training and rest.

In a recent Runner’s World magazine, Mike read about the Asics free customizable training plans available online. First you select the distance you’d like to train for, from a 5K up to a marathon. You fill out some other information including the event date, goal time, current distance race time, age, gender. Then you are brought to a page with an Asics estimated finish time for you. You can then change the number of runs per week to 2-4 and the difficulty (mild, average, hard). The estimated finish time will update to reflect your changes. home screen home screen

And there you go. Your customized race training plan all laid out in a calendar for you with the runs on the correct calendar dates. In addition, pace ranges are listed for the different types of training runs – Jogs (slowest), Comfortable, Race pace, Build-up, and Fast. Very cool! I really like the variety in the Asiscs plan. It’s not just 3-4-3 mile weekly runs. The pace changes keep it interesting and are probably good for overall training.

So I chose a goal time of 3:45 and listed 1:45 as my half marathon time. Asics thinks I can finish the marathon in 3:43. We’ll see! I’ll be running 3 times a week at average difficulty and will also incorporate more cross training and yoga this time around.

My Asics training plan on their website

My Asiscs training plan on their website

I do wish there was a way to export your training plan to your Google or personal calendar or even an excel spreadsheet. I’m still trying to figure out a way to do that. Stay tuned.

Matt and Mike are also doing their own Asics training plans with 3:45 as the goal time. However, our plans are all slightly different since they are customized with to own stats. I learned last year, that a marathon plan is really just a guide. I stressed myself out trying to stay on schedule and was upset when I couldn’t hit the required distance due to injury. I added way too much drama to my life. This year I’m going to relax about the training plan, listen to my body and be more flexible.


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